Elevate (formerly Bloom)

Elevate (formerly Bloom)

US based USD accounts for non-US residents

We provide US based USD deposit accounts that sit with a licensed banking partner. Elevate's FDIC-insured USD accounts offer ACH, wire inbound and outbound payments, and a free Mastercard debit card. Our regional payout partners enable our users to send their money back home at very low cost. We're targetting non-US residents in emerging markets who struggle to get paid in USD.

Elevate (formerly Bloom)
Team Size:7
Location:Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Group Partner:Michael Seibel

Active Founders

Khalid Keenan

Imperial College graduate in Computing. Over 10 years experience as a software engineer in banking and financial services with a focus on risk and investment management.

Youcef Oudjidane

Co-Founder of Elevate. Previously, I was an early-stage investor. Before that, I advised on IPOs in New York. I studied Mathematics at the University of Nottingham