Elevate (formerly Bloom)

Elevate (formerly Bloom)

US based USD accounts for non-US residents

We provide US based USD deposit accounts that sit with a licensed banking partner. Elevate's FDIC-insured USD accounts offer ACH, wire inbound and outbound payments, and a free Mastercard debit card. Our regional payout partners enable our users to send their money back home at very low cost. We're targetting non-US residents in emerging markets who struggle to get paid in USD.

Elevate (formerly Bloom)
Team Size:7
Location:Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Active Founders

Abdigani Diriye

University College London and INSEAD graduate with PhD in Computer Science and Executive MBA. 10+ years’ experience at Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and Carnegie Mellon University leading the design, development and launch of ML and FinTech products. Abdigani has published over 50 research papers and patents in scientific proceedings and journals.

Khalid Keenan

Imperial College graduate in Computing. Over 10 years experience as a software engineer in banking and financial services with a focus on risk and investment management.

Youcef Oudjidane

Co-Founder of Elevate. Previously, I was an early-stage investor. Before that, I advised on IPOs in New York. I studied Mathematics at the University of Nottingham