Finni Health

Finni Health

Empowering Autism Care Providers to Go Independent

Our platform is simple: we provide everything providers need to go independent, from scheduling and billing to marketing and client support.

Jobs at Finni Health

Remote (US; CA)
$140K - $190K
0.10% - 0.40%
6+ years
Remote (US; CA)
$140K - $190K
0.10% - 0.40%
6+ years
US / CA / Remote (US; CA)
$70K - $110K
0.05% - 0.10%
1+ years
Finni Health
Team Size:8
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Surbhi Sarna

Active Founders

Bucky Khan

Yilun Chen

Former youngest Senior Engineer at Shopify and Head of Data at Swyft. Berkeley '18. Ocean lover.

Company Launches

We are Bucky and Yilun, and we are excited to share how we are democratizing access to autism care.

tl;dr: Finni Health helps autism care providers start, run, and grow their practices. We launched 7 months ago and already have $30K in monthly revenue growing 50% per month.

Today, we have providers in New Mexico, South Carolina, Georgia, Illinois and Virginia. Soon, we will be across the country!

Our Story

We connected over a shared passion for improving access to healthcare. Bucky grew up providing in-home daycare to children with different abilities for over a decade with his mom. After sharing this personal story, Yilun suggested “What if providers had a platform that automated their operations and billing”. That idea got us our start, and within a couple weeks, we partnered with our first provider, Monique.

The Problem

The autism care industry is growing rapidly due to increasing diagnosis rates and landmark legislation requiring payors to cover care in every state. This has caused private equity to take over the market, with over 200 M&A deals in the past decade. This cash grab not only hurts providers, who are overworked and underpaid, it also hurts quality of care. Providers want a world where they can have the freedom to focus on their patients, but starting their own practice is costly.

Our Solution

We built the only platform designed for autism care providers to start, run, and grow their business. Providers with Finni can launch their own practice in 2 weeks. When they join, they instantly get access to our insurance network. From there, our platform allows them to manage patient data, schedule appointments, and get paid.


  • ABA Providers! If you have thought of starting your own practice, we want to talk to you! You can learn more here: https://www.finnihealth.com/providers
  • If you are an expert in insurance contracting, we would love to understand how to scale insurance contracts nation-wide