AI Assistant for Customer Support

FirstSupport is an AI-powered assistant for customer support. We give AI superpowers to support agents so they can reply quicker, understand multiple languages, get information quickly from knowledge base, summarize ticket in one click, get weekly customer support report, and many more. Available on Zendesk.

Team Size:4
Location:Bandung, Indonesia
Group Partner:Michael Seibel

Active Founders

Terry Djony

I'm Terry. > grew up in a small city (Lampung) in Indonesia > at age 13, taught myself software engineering by reading books and building CMS > got into top tech university in Indonesia > built my first company, a chatbot development agency, during third year of college > chose to drop out of uni & focus on tech startup full-time since 2021

Company Launches

FirstSupport grants superpowers to customer support teams by automating translation, information retrieval, generating brand-aligned responses, summarizing conversations, generating insightful reports, and automating tagging.

One week following our launch on Zendesk Marketplace, our product has been used by e-commerce merchants using platforms like Magento/Woocommerce/Shopify, customer support outsourcing firms, and startups across Asia, Europe, and America. These companies serve customers from multiple countries who speak different languages, and they manage extensive knowledge bases.

Introducing, the Five “Superpowers”

1- Instant Response Drafting

Whenever your customer support team opens a ticket, FirstSupport AI will automatically generate a response draft based on

  • Information on your knowledge resource (Zendesk Knowledge Base, Google Docs, PDF, Website, Sitemap, Past Ticket Conversations, and more) that you can connect in our dashboard
  • Information from the connected third-party platform (Shopify/Stripe/Woocommerce), or custom APIs such as your internal tool
  • Brand personality guideline for your company

So you can review and submit directly in one click. See how it works:

2- Seamless AI-powered Translation

Enhance your global or multi-lingual customer support with FirstSupport.

  • Automatically detect the customer's language and translate the entire conversation into your preferred language
  • Write in your language and have it automatically translated into the customer's language

3- One-Click Ticket Summarization

Supervisors and L2 agents can quickly capture the essence of customer interactions with a simple click of the 'Summarize' button.
Our customizable summary formats enable the extraction of diverse data from each ticket, ranging from product/customer information to insights into customer emotions during the conversation, ensuring comprehensive and efficient overviews tailored to your specific business needs

See it in action:

4- Automated Tagging

Easily assign relevant tags to your tickets with just one click. Customize your Zendesk tags directly in our dashboard for streamlined ticket management.

5- Insightful Report Generation

FirstSupport AI analyzes each customer interaction and support ticket to identify common issues, knowledge gaps, and immediate action steps. Additionally, you'll receive an email summary with detailed highlights attached.

Try For Free (with exclusive support!)

You can try our product by registering on our web app, or by installing it from Zendesk Marketplace.

We offer a two-week free trial and personalized onboarding support directly from our co-founders (reach out to us via hi@firstsupport.ai mentioning that you found us through the YC Launch)

Be Our Partner

If you can refer us to:

  • Customer support BPO (outsourcing) companies,
  • E-commerce merchants using Zendesk,
  • or, you’re just interested in being our sales partner

We would love to chat. Please reach out to our email hi@firstsupport.ai

Contact us at hi@firstsupport.ai for any requests, questions, or feedback. Cheers!