AI-native AML compliance platform for fintechs & banks

Flagright helps fintechs & banks monitor, screen, investigate, and report their transactions & customers against financial crime risks with a best-in-class AML compliance software. Catering to a diverse clientele across various financial sectors, we serve customers across 6 continents. Flagright is a pioneer in the application of generative AI for AML compliance operations with its AI suite, Flagright AI, delivering unmatched scalability and extreme performance. Our products are designed to help our customers scale volume without scaling headcount and grow faster.

Jobs at Flagright

Mysuru, KA, IN
₹3M - ₹5M INR
0.10% - 0.30%
6+ years
Berlin, BE, DE / Remote (US; CA; GB; DE; Dublin, D, IE; FR; DK; SE; SG; Berlin, BE, DE)
$1K - $5K
0.05% - 0.20%
Senior and above
Germany / Remote (Berlin, BE, DE)
3+ years
Singapore / Remote (SG)
3+ years
Berlin, BE, DE
€39K - €64.8K EUR
3+ years
Team Size:20
Location:Berlin, Singapore

Active Founders

Baran Özkan

Baran is co-founder and CEO of Flagright. He defines the product strategy at Flagright for making compliance & fraud prevention infrastructure more accessible for fintechs and banks. He has previously worked in various domains including healthcare, marketing, e-commerce, logistics, and most recently fintech. Baran is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).

Baran Özkan
Baran Özkan

Madhu G Nadig

Madhu is co-founder and CTO of Flagright. He leads engineering and design, building the compliance & fraud prevention infrastructure for startups. He has previously worked in various domains including data analytics and integration for pharmaceuticals and social media marketing, core cloud computing infrastructure and real time systems for logistics & fintech.

Madhu G Nadig
Madhu G Nadig

Company Launches

tl;dr: AI Forensics supercharges AML compliance & fraud team performance with a 90% productivity boost by harnessing natural language queries and AI-native analysis. Watch it in action 👇🏼.

Hi everyone, we are Madhu and Baran, from Flagright.

🚀 Introducing Flagright AI Forensics: The modern standard in AML compliance

At Flagright, we've created a powerhouse tool that enhances the speed and quality of financial crime investigations. By blending natural language processing with robust AI agents, we transform how fintechs and banks stay compliant and prevent financial crime.

🔍 The Problem

Financial crime investigations take too long. Fintechs & banks cannot scale volume and grow without hiring a proportional amount of headcount into AML and fraud departments. This is because data is silo’d, teams have to access data on many different tools, and process/manipulate this data to investigate the suspicious activity as they reach a conclusion. As a result, they are always limited by the time it takes to conduct these tasks every single day for every single alert.

✨ The Solution

AI Forensics delivers extreme performance through natural language queries and AI-native analysis of suspicious activity. It can learn from a company’s internal policies, procedures, or continuous usage of the platform such as how past investigations were conducted.

It is build on top Flagright’s centralized data infrastructure and data processing pipelines with LLMs and algorithms. That’s how it’s able to deliver accurate, cohesive analysis across a wide variety of use cases. Unlike pure LLM solutions, it can accurately make factual analysis, calculations, and display charts & tables instantly.

🛠 How It Works


📣 Ask

Be part of our journey in building the next generation anti financial crime infrastructure for fintechs & banks globally:

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