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Why you should join FlowDeploy

FlowDeploy builds developer tools for bioinformaticians. Developer tools for computational biology aren't really a thing yet, so we're one of the first companies building in the space. Our core product is a platform to run bioinformatics pipelines and manage data. For a taste of the product, you can sign up and try the "Snakemake tutorial" template pipeline.

I don't think anyone has figured out bioinformatics platforms yet. As a result, the vast majority of organizations still build in-house platforms for running their computational biology pipelines. Many of those in-house platforms aren't allocated the resources they need to succeed, which slows down researchers and increases wasted cloud computing spend.

FlowDeploy has the potential to be a foundational component of in-house bioinformatics platforms – or, for some early-stage teams, it's already used as the entire platform.

We're a very small team, and we plan to stay small until we have strong product-market fit. Unlike other bioinformatics platforms, none of our revenue comes from consulting. We're funded by Y Combinator and other notable investors, FlowDeploy is generating revenue, and we can keep going for years without raising additional funding.

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What do you love most about working at FlowDeploy?
We communicate well, and we build fast. The high level of communication at FlowDeploy makes the work feel more like play, and has built an environment where curiosity and learning are a part of every day. Ideas the product and business are not only heard and discussed, but implemented very quickly.
Keegan Barone, Founding Designer
Current Employee
Team Size:3
Location:Mountain View
Noah Lebovic
Noah Lebovic