Bioinformatics pipelines in the cloud

FlowDeploy helps bioinformaticians manage their data analysis pipelines. We provide everything they need to try, run, develop, and share their pipelines. That includes integrations with AWS, Snakemake, Nextflow, GitHub, Slack, SSO, and more, as well as a clean API and web app for launching and monitoring pipelines and managing their data. FlowDeploy is built for bioinformaticians: it doesn't restrict how pipelines are built and managed, as long as a bioinformatics workflow manager like Nextflow or Snakemake is used. But it does eliminate several footguns like idle spend and accidental data egress, and it reduces the potential for users accidentally sharing credentials. FlowDeploy runs the pipelines in either our managed cloud or the customer's cloud – eliminating the need to transfer data externally. Non-computational biologists can use FlowDeploy, too: features like pipelines templates decrease the complexity to launch a new pipeline, which reduces user error and decreases the need for advanced cloud training for non-computational users.

Jobs at FlowDeploy

Chicago, IL, US / San Francisco, CA, US / Boston, MA, US / Seattle, WA, US / Remote (US)
$102K - $154K
0.75% - 1.50%
3+ years
Seattle, WA, US / San Francisco, CA, US / Chicago, IL, US / Boston, MA, US / Remote (US)
$76K - $112K
0.75% - 1.00%
1+ years
Team Size:3
Location:Mountain View
Group Partner:Aaron Epstein

Active Founders

Noah Lebovic

Noah Lebovic is the co-founder and CEO of FlowDeploy. Prior to FlowDeploy, he led software engineering at a bio startup that build an in-house platform for bioinformatics pipelines.

Noah Lebovic
Noah Lebovic