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Healthtech 1

Automating repetitive processes in healthcare

Healthtech-1 automates repetitive processes for healthcare systems. We’re starting with the world’s most famous: the NHS. We’re already live in over 400+ primary care practices. Based out of Raj's parents' Primary Care practice the Healthtech 1 team are systematically digitising the repetitive processes they experience everyday, saving thousands of hours of staff time. Why now? The UK's National Health Service (NHS) delivers free healthcare in 590 million patient contacts every year. Post-pandemic, Britain's most treasured institution is in crisis. Patient satisfaction is at 25 year low and 1/7 staff are applying for Non-NHS jobs fuelling an 11% recruitment gap. By digitising the 100s of repetitive processes in healthcare, Healthtech 1 will reverse the trend, and produce the world's most productive health care system.

Jobs at Healthtech 1

London, England, GB
£70K - £95K GBP
0.01% - 0.02%
3+ years
Healthtech 1
Team Size:13
Location:London, United Kingdom
Group Partner:Tom Blomfield

Active Founders

Raj Kohli

NHS Clinical Entrepreneur who grew up running around my parents primary care practice. Ex-management consultant who delivered intelligent automation projects for global banks. Sometimes I teach people how to ski ⛷️

Peter Huang

Cofounder and Head of Product of Healthtech 1. British Born Chinese based in London. A deep generalist with skills in product, growth & engineering. Most recently a Web Engineer @ Monzo. I'm building a health tech automation company with a best friend from school! This is our 2nd company together, having found our true Ikigai in helping a national health system thrive. There isn't a convincing plan to fill the huge staffing gap in the NHS. This is where our automation platform fits in.

Peter Huang
Peter Huang
Healthtech 1

Company Launches

Healthcare systems across the world spend $1.1 trillion* on repetitive processes completed manually by healthcare staff. Healthtech-1 automates repetitive processes for healthcare systems. We’re starting with the world’s most famous: the NHS. We’re already live in over 100 primary care practices, and we’re hiring.


In Britain, from the moment you first open your eyes, to the moment you finally close them, you’re cared for by the NHS free at the point of delivery - it’s a beautiful thing 💙

The NHS is a safety net for the most vulnerable people in British society, and Europe’s biggest employer. This year, as the NHS turns 75, 9/10 people agree that healthcare should be free of charge, and more than 8/10 of agree that the NHS makes them proud to be British.

But at the current rate, the NHS won’t see its 100th birthday. Post-pandemic, Britain's most treasured institution is in crisis. Patient satisfaction is at a 25-year low and 1/7 of staff are in the process of leaving, citing mental and physical exhaustion.

Longer lives and an ageing population are steadily increasing the complexity and pressure of providing healthcare. The increasing demand is unsustainable unless the cost of providing care can be massively reduced.

The largest single cost is the staff. The NHS pays a $93bn wage bill, for 470k administrators, 740k clinicians, and 50k managers**. All of whom spend an eye-watering amount of time on manual repetitive processes: data entry, summarisation, filing, scheduling...the list goes on.

The current plan is “hire more staff”, but recruitment isn’t the answer.


Healthtech-1 uses the latest technology to automate repetitive processes for healthcare organisations. The first automation launched 18 months ago for new patient registrations is now live in over 100 NHS Primary Care practices across England saving over 1000 hours of staff time per week.

So far we’ve added the equivalent of 25 full-time staff to the NHS providing a 9.8/10 ⭐️ experience to patients, for half the cost. That’s how you make free healthcare sustainable.

Based out of Raj's parents' primary care practice, the Healthtech-1 team is systematically automating the repetitive processes they experience every day.


It started as two school friends, now we’re a team of 5 engineers, 3 doctors, and an accountant.

@Peter Huang is an ex-Monzo software engineer that has built products that millions of people love. @Raj Kohli is an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur who has delivered intelligent automation for global banks. After starting our first company, we jumped into healthcare to support Raj’s parents during the pandemic.

We’re here at YC to redirect the world’s best talent to one of the world’s greatest opportunities for good: universal healthcare.


If you know any operators or engineers interested in making something people need, please intro them to raj@healthtech1.uk.



*$9 trillion spent on healthcare (WHO, 2022). Admin spend varies between 10-30% depending on the geography (Health Affairs, 2022). Let’s assume 12%.

Global Healthcare Admin spend: $9tr *12% = $1.08tr

**$8.4bn GP practices, $84.6bn in hospital. (The Kings Fund, 2023)

NHS total staff salaries: 8.4bn + 84.6bn = $93bn.