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Team Size:9
Group Partner:Brad Flora

Active Founders

Ernie Ho

Cofounded Yamkr - a social app, got acquisition offer. Previously, working at Uber Self-Driving Car Unit. Grad student at CMU School of Computer Science. Researcher at MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Ernie Ho
Ernie Ho

John Lin

John Lin
John Lin

Company Launches

Hello everyone! We’re Ernie and John from Chainsight.

Chainsight: Provide real-time insights to secure your digital assets.

Chainsight provides Web3 Background Checks API to detect web3 risks and secure your digital assets!

So if you are web3 wallet providers, developers or users, our API can help you check
- the authenticity of tokens, NFTs
- the liquidity of crypto exchanges or DeFi protocols
- the credibility of addresses, smart contracts, or websites

Our API can help you protect your users from web3 risk and inform you when there is any risk with your counterparties in real-time.

Let’s build a safer and more trustworthy world for web2 and web3 users!

🔍 What is Chainsight?

Risks are everywhere for web3 users and companies. However, people and companies actually can mitigate their risk by running the risk analysis and checking the identity, the the history of the blockchain addresses they transact with.

Chainsight API is an effective solution to identify the riskiness of the parties you are transacting with and validate the authenticity and credibility of tokens and NFTs you are purchasing.

🧐 How does it work?

We help web3 users and internet companies check whether there is any risk given any crypto address, smart contract, token, NFT, or URL.

The Chainsight Background Checks platform is based on our proprietary database and transaction analytics platform which have been recognized and sponsored by G20, Bank for International Settlements, and used by famous web2 and web3 companies with a total of more than 350 millions end users.

Today, millions of people are scammed and lose their life savings! We believe our API can help web3 users and internet companies avoid scams, leading to a safer and trustworthy world for web2 and web3 users!

🚀 Wanna try our Web3 Background Checks?

If you are interested in doing a quick web3 background check on any address/website or know more about Chainsight , please request a demo here, and you’ll receive the free trial soon!