Simplifying Patient Handoff for Nurses

Currently, 80% of serious medical errors occur at patient handoff. Kabilah improves the patient handoff workflow by replacing commonplace paper report sheets with AI-powered advocates for each patient. Within seconds, nurses can get up to date on patient medical histories via generated summaries and interactive chats with EHR data. A dynamic set of components allows for customized advocates, only displaying pertinent information about each patient. At the end of each shift, a single click allows the outgoing nurse to send auto-generated patient handoff notes. Not only is Kabilah elevating efficiency while alleviating burnout, but it's also empowering nurses to improve patient outcomes.

Team Size:2
Location:Stanford, CA
Group Partner:Surbhi Sarna

Active Founders

Sarah Raza

always thinking about healthcare, technology, and coffee.

Sarah Raza
Sarah Raza

Muhammad Umar Nadeem

recent cancer survivor :) an intimate experience with the US healthcare system drives me to push positive change. I love formula 1 racing

Muhammad Umar Nadeem
Muhammad Umar Nadeem

Company Launches

Problem: The Impossible Task of Patient Handoff

Picture this - you are an inpatient bedside nurse starting your shift, entrusted with the care of five patients due to commonplace staffing shortages. As you get a rapid-fire handoff from the previous nurse, you jot down critical information for each patient on a paper report sheet. Throughout your shift, you’re continually juggling urgent patient care demands, reading and updating your scribbled notes, attempting to communicate with inundated physicians, and charting/navigating data-dense notes within the EHR system. By the end of your shift, it is impossible to communicate all of the pertinent information about each patient in a rapid-fire handoff.

This perpetual cycle leads to increased medical errors, increased patient length of stay, and redundant inter-clinician messaging.

✅ Solution: Intelligent Patient Advocates

We automate and simplify shift change by replacing paper report sheets with an AI-powered advocate for each patient.

Each Patient Advocate is a digital report sheet with:

  1. Customizable Components - only display pertinent information about the current patient (optionally auto-filled from the EHR)
  2. Standardized Communication - intelligently summarize report sheet components and send them to the next nurse
  3. Simplified EHR Data - auto generate patient medical histories/hospital courses and interactively chat with patient EHR data

(Please reach out to founders@kabilah.com for a demo!)

🏆 Founding Team

We are Sarah & Umar!

Sarah - Stanford MS/BS in Computer Science (AI), 2022 Mayfield Fellow, second hire at EngFlow, previously founded nationwide nonprofit organization AWARE.

Umar - Recent cancer survivor :) Stanford BS in Computer Science (AI), MS in Management Science & Engineering, and 2023 Mayfield Fellow.

👋🏼 Our Ask

We're signing on our next two healthcare systems. If you can help make introductions to Hospital Execs or Nursing Leadership, please reach out to founders@kabilah.com!

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