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Why you should join Kraftful

At Kraftful, we're building the copilot for product managers and other product builders. Our mission is to help product folks leverage GPT-4 and ChatGPT API to listen to users at scale and actively involve them in the development process.

As one of the inaugural alpha users of GPT-3, we built first prototype of Kraftful copilot in early 2020. As LLMs advanced, we launched our first GPT-powered feature in 2021 and ultimately pivoted our company to a complete LLM solution for product builders in 2023, seeing incredible traction.

We’re a team that puts users first. We make hard, pragmatic decisions. Constant iteration is at the core of our product and company. Empathy is our superpower.

Meet the team

Why should somebody consider working at Kraftful?
If you want to build a product that matters with creative, hardworking like-minded people, Kraftful is for you! You'll get your hands dirty and learn invaluable skills. I've learned so much throughout my time here!
Anna Carmichael, Growth Product Manager
Current Employee
What do you love most about working at Kraftful?
A company that holds true to its core values is a rare and special thing. I really appreciate the integrity of this team and their mission. Knowing that we’re returning ease and control to people’s homes and devices keeps the work meaningful.
Heidi Gluck, Chief of Staff
Current Employee
Team Size:6
Location:San Francisco
Yana Welinder
Yana Welinder