Copilot for product teams

Helping product builders to listen to users at scale so they can make something people want.

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Yana Welinder
Yana Welinder

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TLDR: talk with millions of users simultaneously to build something people want.

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Here’s a 3 min demo: https://youtu.be/BnbquZSz6v4


Users hate long generic surveys, which leads to low response rates – sometimes just 5%😱

If you have millions of users, this means you're not getting insights from a representative sample of your customer base.

Worse still, if you're just starting out with only a few users, a low response rate can mean no responses at all 😞


With Kraftful, you can engage users or potential users with just 1-3 targeted questions instead of long, generic surveys.

When they respond, they'll receive personalized follow-up questions tailored to their specific pain points—making the interaction more relevant and engaging.

Kraftful then summarizes all responses, delivering precise product insights from the collected data.

Why are Kraftful AI-powered interviews so great?

  1. They reveal insights that were previously out of reach: Much like the information you'd get from an in-depth user conversation with the ability to ask follow-up questions. Plus, you can engage with many more users who can respond at their convenience and choose the depth of their engagement.
  2. Massive time-saver: Interview thousands or even millions of users simultaneously, with all responses summarized in minutes. This can save hundreds or thousands of hours, streamlining your research process dramatically.
  3. Your own army of professional UX researchers: Kraftful generates thoughtful questions based on the data you've already collected, eliminating the need to research best practices or spend time crafting questions.

Give it a try and let us know what you think (by responding to an AI interview👍)

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