Lamar Health (formerly MoGen)

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Flatiron for Rare Disease

Lamar Health provides a software to clinical geneticists to save time while improving patient care. We help with patient onboarding, AI-powered clinical notes and connecting patients to clinical trials. Rare disease treatment has a lot of trial and error due to small numbers of patients. Through it's software Lamar Health is building a centralized database of genetic-treatment-outcome information that is valuable to life science companies, physicians and patients.   We contribute to efforts in improving diagnostics and therapeutics using the data we collect.   Our founding team is stacked with Stanford alumni with PhDs in Genetics, founders with profitable startups and a family member of a rare disease patient.

Lamar Health (formerly MoGen)
Team Size:6
Location:Palo Alto

Active Founders

Eesha Sharma

I am co-Founder of an early stage biotech start-up, Lamar Health. Our company's moonshot mission is to get patients to the right diagnosis and treatments faster. I've been on the patient-family side of this problem. After getting my PhD in Molecular Genetics I thought it was about time to flip the table and do something about it.