Managed Sales Email Delivery For Cold Outreach

Lightmeter is turn-key email outreach infrastructure for startups, combining network, platform, and expert advice. It integrates with sales tools like Apollo, replacing Google and Microsoft for email delivery. No change in tooling or workflow required. Lightmeter gets mail into inboxes, scalably and sustainably, while transparently reporting on performance. Plans from 50 to 7,500 outreach emails per day.

Team Size:5
Location:London, United Kingdom

Active Founders

Sam Tuke

Sam Tuke is Founder and CEO of Lightmeter, the sales email delivery platform. He founded his first Open Source software business age 17, shipping Linux computers he assembled himself. From 2015-2019 he was CEO of phpList, the Open Source Mailchimp alternative, building a base of 10k SaaS customers, and sending 28 bn emails yearly. In 2019 he created mailserver automation app Lightmeter, and two years later used it to launch the first dedicated sales email delivery service of the same name.