AI relationship app that keeps couples together

Maia helps couples connect more each day. Trained by relationship experts, Maia offers daily activities, personalized advice, proactive insights, quizzes and games through AI and relationship science.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Garry Tan

Active Founders

Claire Wiley

Building Maia to help couples stay together. Immigrant raised in multi-cultural households. Launched a couples coaching program during MBA. Previously in tech/infra private equity. Pro: love & therapy. Anti: fixed mindsets.

Claire Wiley
Claire Wiley

Ralph Ma

Helping couples stay together. Previously worked on machine learning projects at Stanford and on Google Maps/Research. Recently helped to build the ML platform that powered hundreds of ML drug discovery models and researched virtual screening of small molecule drugs at insitro. Now working on a different type of chemistry.

Ralph Ma
Ralph Ma

Company Launches

tl;dr: We've created Maia, a mobile app blending AI and relationship science to help couples stay together. It delivers personalized advice, proactive insights, and activities to deepen connections. Ready to transform your relationship? Download the app with your partner today!

Hi, we’re Claire and Ralph, the team behind Maia. Our mission is to empower couples to build stronger, more fulfilling relationships. With Maia, we're making personalized relationship coaching accessible to everyone, at any time.

🤔 The Problem

Despite the pivotal role relationships play in our happiness and overall well-being, existing support systems fall short. Traditional couples therapy is still inaccessible and stigmatized, couples are increasingly turning online for advice, and couple apps provide static content that lacks personalization. On average, it takes a couple 6 years of being unhappy before seeking help. We're to navigate the complexities of building lasting relationships largely on our own, using trial and error and the hope that love will find a way (divorce rates are >50%).

💡 Our Solution

Maia reimagines relationship care by blending AI coaching, expert guidance, and informal chat interactions into a seamless, engaging experience for couples. Building a lasting relationship is about more than just maintenance; it’s also about turning your relationship into a rewarding adventure. With Maia, personal growth and wellness become accessible and enjoyable for every couple. Whether it's planning the perfect date night, resolving a conflict, or learning more about one another, Maia offers a roadmap to a happier, healthier relationship.

Here’s what Dr. Marisa T. Cohen, PhD, LMFT, our relationship expert, says about Maia:

Maia is a powerful tool that provides psychoeducation about relationships, normalizes the experiences we have and challenges we face, as well as prompts users to reflect on their lived experiences, values, and goals, thereby encouraging a greater level of self-awareness. The best part is that engaging with Maia feels like chatting with a friend, one that not only has deep understanding of the human connection, but also a lot of sass. I am proud to work with the Maia team in training Maia to approach users from a place of curiosity like a clinician, present tips and valuable resources like a relationship expert, and engage with users from a place of deep appreciation of the human bond.

Here’s what our user K. said about Maia:

I am beyond grateful I came across it. I’ve been recommending it to friends along the way as it’s helped immensely as a support outlet but also grow my thoughts when I fall narrow minded from an emotional state. I’ve personally found it to be far better than messaging-therapist platforms because of the lack of opinions and bias. I think that’s probably a major difference that pushes me to truly absorb the advice Maia gives.

📖 Our Story

For us, Maia’s mission is deeply personal. Having both grown up in first-generation divorced households and navigated the ups and downs of our own relationships, we recognized the universal need for a proactive approach to relationship health. By combining our expertise in AI and psychology, we built Maia to address this need.

🙌 Our Ask

  • Couples! We made Maia for you! Please check out our app, and let us know your thoughts here or reach out directly to us at hello@ourmaia.com. Your insights could help shape the future of relationships everywhere! 💚💙
  • Share the love! Maia is for every couple. Have friends who just got engaged? Or someone who’s always texting you for relationship advice? Tell them to download Maia 😉