Team Size:9
Location:Seattle, WA
Group Partner:Gustaf Alstromer
Daniel Li
Daniel Li
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim

Company Launches

Hello everyone! We are Daniel and Daniel building Marble, a $50/mo flat fee rental manager.

Marble is an alternative to traditional property managers that are costly, antiquated, and frankly not that good. We have built processes, automation, and machine learning that brings the cost of managing a rental property down by an order of magnitude.

We are launching Marble now with 800+ units under management across all 50 states (even Alaska)!

What do we cover?

Automated Leasing: Once a smart-lock is installed on your property, we take care of listing and answering questions to self-guided touring and lease signing, all completely with software.

24/7 Maintenance: We have a 24/7/365 operations center (with real humans) that can take care of your leaking pipes at 3AM or your broken washing machine during the day.

Rent Collection & Financial Management: When tenants don’t pay, we have automated late fees/reminders, as well as escalation abilities to send letters, post notices - basically everything until the eviction attorney comes into the picture. When tenants do pay, we give you nice analytics and tracking around the flow of your funds and NOI returns on your property finances.


Marble costs $50/month/property with no additional fees! No leasing fees, maintenance markups, or holiday hours, period.

Areas We Cover

We are capable of servicing across the entire US, with much better support around metro areas with greater than 10k population.


If you or anyone you know owns a long-term rental, please let them know about our service: www.rentmarble.com or feel free to reach out to me directly at dli@rentmarble.com!