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MentalHappy is the first social network designed to help people of all races, genders and economic statuses improve their emotional wellbeing through positive peer support. We provide a safe and secure platform to talk about mental health and the challenges you face in your daily life, receive support from others like you who understand what you’re experiencing, and learn practical tips and techniques to help you heal and improve your emotional fitness each day. We make it possible for everyone to get the help they deserve without the financial and physical limitations often associated with traditional therapies.

Tamar Blue, CEO

Tamar's personal experience with finding effective therapies for her anxiety fuel her passion for helping people live more fulfilled lives. Tamar has appeared in major publications such as Reader's Digest, TechCrunch, Silicon Valley Business Journal, Creative Mornings. Tamar earned her MBA after graduating from Florida State University with a degrees in Sociology and Economics.

Tamar Blue