Tech-enabled freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and trade finance…

Nuvocargo is a digital-first freight forwarder and licensed US customs broker focused on helping shippers seamlessly move cargo over the road between USA and Mexico. Our goal is to make your life easier by combining exceptional service with beautiful software so that moving your products between USA and Mexico is less painful and more intuitive. We are the **one-stop shop** for shippers for everything they need in their USA/Mexico cross-border supply chain; this includes procuring freight in both Mexico & USA, customs clearance, insurance, trade finance, reporting, and more. We act as an extension of your team so you can outsource to Nuvocargo all the complexities & vendor management associated with your cross border supply chain.

Deepak Chhugani, CEO

I'm currently the Founder/CEO of Nuvocargo (YC W18). Before that, I spent time in M&A at BofA Merrill Lynch and I also have experience as a GP in private equity real estate, raising capital to buy multifamily properties in Southeast USA. I joined YC in winter 2018 with a different idea (thelobby.io) and had a crazy pivot about 6 months post YC. I grew up in Ecuador, was born in Kenya, and my parents are Indian. I'm incredibly passionate about the intersection between USA and Latin America.

Deepak Chhugani