Autopilot customer support that saves you $100K a year

We solve 80% of your customers' support inflow on phone, email, and web. You reduce your cost by more than 50% Used by companies of all sizes ($6bn mega enterprise, series A, series B)

Team Size:5
Group Partner:Nicolas Dessaigne

Active Founders

Mohammad Gharbat

Co-Founder of OpenCopilot

Mohammad Gharbat
Mohammad Gharbat

Shanur Rahman

Co-Founder OpenCopilot. Ex - Rapido

Shanur Rahman
Shanur Rahman

Company Launches

πŸ† TL;DR:

OpenCopilot is a reimagined, AI-powered user assistant for SaaS products. It makes it easy for users to navigate, automate, and take action on your product like never before.

Consumers now love using text-based interfaces (like GPT) to get things done. We believe that this wave will also move into everyday products. OpenCopilot makes it easy for SaaS products to offer the same experience without the need for an AI team, your users can get things done using text.

Thanks to our planning engine (the fastest on the market today), they can automate complex flows with plain English.

πŸ’― The Team

Mohammad and Shanur are both long-time contributors to open source. Both have initiated open source projects that got over 10,000 stars and are now used by thousands all over the world.

Mohammad has dedicated the past five years to developing software and leading teams at high-growth companies, including Mollie. He holds a degree in computer science.

Shanur has served as a Senior Product Engineer at Rapido, a rapidly expanding company. As a member of the platforms team, he developed robust and efficient software that currently aids over 25 million people.

❌ The Problem

πŸ”΄ Most of the available user assistant tools are bad. When users visit your product, they typically have one goal in mind. However, most of the current assistants/chatbots tend to nudge the user towards learning how to achieve this goal, which introduces a learning curve and requires a lot of time.

🟒 OpenCopilot understands exactly what the user wants to do on your product and helps the user to achieve that by taking action on behalf of the user, or telling the user exactly what to do.

🌟 Examples

β†’ Trello User Assistant (powered by OpenCopilot) - some tasks that used to take 15 minutes now take much less.


β†’ Zid is a leading e-commerce SaaS, Its users now spend much less time to understand how their stores are performing.

🌟 Product tour

🌟 Open source

We are open source with 4700 stars on GitHub and over 4500 users on our cloud version.

πŸ™ Ask

If you know a B2B SaaS business in your network that’s looking to have a better product assistant, make a warm introduction! My email is mo [at] opencopilot [dot] so.

OpenCopilot is usable right now. We are confident that you will have the best user assistant for your product.