OutSail Technologies

OutSail Technologies

Revolutionary, Modern Wing Sails

OutSail Technologies is building unlimited-range wind-powered vessels using aerospace technology. We know modern aerodyamics can make wind cheaper and more reliable than internal combustion. The effects of fossil-fuel use are degrading the ocean and destroying the planet. It’s time for modern wind power. Outsail has brought a groundbreaking technology from satellites, the tape spring, to earth. Our fully autonomous, retractable wingsail allows vessels to access more wind power than ever before by providing both the aerodynamic efficiency of a wing and the perfect amount of area for the wind strength. OutSail is backed by Y Combinator (W23), and founded by two engineers and an aerodynamics PhD who have led teams, managed products, and designed hardware for Momentus, Nuro, AEye, Tesla and SpaceX.

OutSail Technologies
Team Size:3
Location:Mountain View
Group Partner:Aaron Epstein

Former Founders

Arpan Rau

I am founder and CEO of OutSail Technologies, a company dedicated to moving maritime freight economically, using wind power. Before founding OutSail, I was a Systems Engineer and Product Manager serving organizations like SpaceX, Relativity Space, Momentus Space, Impossible Aerospace, and Nuro.

Bailey Da Costa

I am co-founder and Chief Engineer of OutSail Shipping, a company dedicated to economically moving maritime freight using wind power. Previously, I was a Senior Electrical Engineer at both Impossible Aerospace and Aeye. I also founded QuizMount, a social media based study website. I love building devices from the ground up as well as giving systems the love and care they deserve.

Bailey Da Costa
Bailey Da Costa
OutSail Technologies

Joseph Oorebeek

Hands-on aerodynamicist with experience in supersonics, hydrodynamics, automotive and aerospace, who loves building the infrastructure of the future. I thrive on experimental fluid-dynamic studies to find novel solutions to complicated problems, while leveraging simulation tools and low fidelity analysis to back up the experiments. I am happy expanding my work to include all other aspects of engineering for a good product design. On my own time I love finding the confluence of science in baking.

Joseph Oorebeek
Joseph Oorebeek
OutSail Technologies

Company Launches


OutSail Shipping is a company founded to economically move maritime freight using wind power.

You can help us by introducing us to decision-makers at global freight forwarders, global manufacturers and distributors, or anyone that ships in volume to the state of Hawaii.


We’re Arpan, Bailey, and Joseph, cofounders of OutSail Shipping. We’re a group of hardware engineers who have collectively brought to life a diverse assembly of satellites, rockets, and EVs.

The Problem

Maritime shipping burns 300,000,000 tons of fossil fuels every year. This contributes 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 60,000 pollution-related deaths per year.

In addition, fuel burn can account for up to half the cost of operating a modern cargo ship. Fuel costs have risen, and are expected to continue to rise through the coming decades.

Shipping demand is expected to double by 2050, and contemporary steamship lines have no viable plans to decarbonize.

The Solution

For thousands of years of maritime history, wind was the energy source of choice.

Given modern advances in forecasting and fluid-dynamics, wind energy is once again the economically best solution for maritime freight.

OutSail Shipping will design, build and operate purely wind-powered container ships. This new class of vessel will decarbonize maritime shipping while reducing costs.

Our first service: A container liner between the US West Coast and the state of Hawaii, positioned to compete with a $200M existing market of ocean going barges. In this segment, we will deliver lower prices at twice the speed.

Our Ask:

The logistics world is complex and opaque. We need the YC community’s help to find and connect with our customers!

How you can help decarbonize shipping:

  1. Please introduce us to decision-makers at large global freight forwarders like UPS, Flexport, and Expeditors.
  2. Please introduce us to decision-makers at global manufacturers and distributors like Sysco, Gerber, and Georgia-Pacific.
  3. Please introduce us to anyone you know who ships in volume to the State of Hawaii.

For more information or to help us out, contact us at founders@outsailshipping.com.