The super simple stablecoin wallet with free transactions

Paymobil is a global bank account replacement using stablecoins. We make it possible to send money to any email or phone number in the world in seconds. We have taken all the friction out of the current terrible UX with crypto p2p payments and made it better than regular consumer products like Venmo and Square Cash. Unlike those it works across borders and can launch globally due to our non-custodial architecture.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Gustaf Alstromer

Active Founders

Daniel Nordh

CEO at Paymobil - A global bank account replacement using stablecoins. Previously Lead Design at Coinbase & Pinterest Founder of Curator (acquired by Pinterest). Architect for London, Label manager (Little Dragon, Studio)

Daniel Nordh
Daniel Nordh

Company Launches

Happy to publicly launch the massively upgraded Paymobil 2.0 today! We've been quietly battle-testing it for the last couple of months and unlike most other things in crypto it is ... stable ;)

What is Paymobil?
Paymobil is a super simple stablecoin wallet with free transactions. Buy, save, receive and send USDC for free on Polygon. Self custody with automatic cloud backups, send to any email, phone number or crypto address in the world in seconds. Great UX, no fuss.

The goal of Paymobil remains the same, to be the best stablecoin wallet, and make cross-border transactions as quick and easy as Venmo. Giving you a safe and simple option to buy, send, receive and send dollars in the form of USDC for free, regardless of where in the world you may live.

What's new?
- Free and instant USDC transactions on Polygon
- New onramp options including Coinbase, cards and bank accounts in most countries
- Add or withdraw in pesos or USD in Argentina
- Automatic backup to your personal iCloud or Google Drive
- Biometric protection
- Support for ENS addresses and recent contacts

What's the same?
- Super simple to use, no crypto experience required
- Self-custodial, but no complicated mnemonics in sight
- USDC is the most trustworthy stablecoin
- Send money to anyone, even those without a wallet
- Still yellow!

Give it a go on iOS or Android today and let us know what you would like to see us build next!

Paymobil for iOS
Paymobil for Android
Paymobil on Twitter