Online advertising startup.

We’re PetaSales, a full-service marketing communication agency in Nigeria. We help African brands scale by providing expertise in marketing, advertising and ecommerce related services, including; app development, creative services, online marketing and advertising etc. We have brought successes to African businesses by: (1). developing the tools - apps, websites and software needed for business to scale in today's digital-first economy. (2). designing and managing cutting-edge marketing and advertising strategies and processes that drive business success. (3). training companies workforce to deliver on their goals, solve business pain points and add value through emerging media capabilities. Our solutions in this regard has served businesses in varying industries including health, retail, education, legal, manufacturing, real estate, tourism/hospitality, financial services and so on. We’re incorporated in Nigeria as LightWay Media Limited and trading as PetaSales, operating from two strategic offices in Nigeria.

Nick Alexander
Nick Alexander