Seamless Fiat Payments for Web3

Poko enables seamless transfers from local payment rails to web3 infrastructure enabling web3 wallets, marketplaces, games and DApps to acquire more users. With Poko’s SDK, web3 builders can easily enable fiat-to-crypto onramping with 100+ common local payment methods or easily pay for NFTs with local payment methods. Poko's fiat-to-cryptoonramp aggregator reduces onramping costs by up to 70% and increases transaction success rates by up to 5x through a smart routing logic and a single integration to multiple onramps. It's Direct Checkout solution enables one step purchasing from fiat payment rails from any smart contract for 79% higher user conversion. The co-founders’ experience includes being chief strategy officer of a $2.4B coincap protocol, leading technical implementation of Singapore’s central bank’s experiment in cross-border payments on blockchain rails, policy experience as payments task force member at the World Economic Forum, ex-Ethereum Foundation Fellow, and CTO of a 2M+ user play to earn game.

Team Size:10
Location:Singapore, Singapore
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Geoffrey See

Chief Strategy Officer and founding team of $2.4B coin cap (at peak) protocol Zilliqa. Launched a digital identity product and onboarded 20M users in India/Vietnam in 1 year. I am a former Ethereum Foundation Fellow, World Economic Forum Council member for Cross-Border Digital Payments and Digital Currency, and a Kauffman Fellow. At Bain & Co., I worked on private equity, technology and retail. I graduated from Wharton and Yale.

Geoffrey See
Geoffrey See

Van Tran

Van Tran has spent the last 3 years leading marketing strategy and growth for Netflix Southeast Asia and Australia to establish Netflix presence and build up fan communities in the region. Previously, she worked on building student communities for the first liberal art college in Singapore Yale-NUS. She also has experience working in management consulting at Bain & Co. and product manager at Amazon.

Van Tran
Van Tran

Company Launches

Hi all! Geoffrey and Van from Poko here!

I (Geoffrey) was at Devcon in Bogota trying to top up my wallet. Used Moonpay - transaction failed. Used Transak - transaction failed. Used Coinbase Pay - transaction failed. Fiat to Crypto onramps fail anywhere from 30% to 90% of the time around the world. We solve this problem through our Onramp Aggregator and Direct Checkout.


We provide wallets and marketplaces infra providers with an Onramp Aggregator - a single integration for all localized onramps enabling them to onramp with local payments, at up to 6x transaction success rates and 70% lower costs than Moonpay/Transak. We also provide a Direct Checkout on local payment rails for users to pay seamlessly into a smart contract (e.g. for NFT purchasing) without the user needing to onramp. This enables far higher user conversion and transaction success rates. Our payment solutions reach 16M+ active wallets.

Who is it for

Our users are wallets, marketplaces, wallet- and marketplace-infra providers, and games/DApps seeking a better payments experience and monetization from their end users. For infrastructure partners, we provide features that serve them especially well (e.g. dashboards and data/flexibility to meet multiple use cases) and a revenue share for them to scale with transaction volume.

💵 How does it work?

Onramp Aggregator
We route users to onramps with the highest success rates and lowest transaction costs for a particular currency, payment method, and token for Everytime Lowest Prices. We bring onboard onramps focused on a single country as they provide the highest success rates. This is because localized onramps provide rates, payment methods, and KYC processes that work best for their market. Onramps compete to provide the best rate and highest transaction success.

Check out a live demo (and live rates) here:
Read the product docs:

Live rates with a 1400 basis point difference between the lowest cost and highest cost onramp (Brazil)!

Direct Checkout
One-step NFT purchasing using cards and popular payment rails from any wallet or on any marketplace. This enables users to frictionlessly purchase gaming NFTs or other digital goods without onramping (we automate the onramp and swaps and hide this from users). This increases paid user conversion in web3 by 79% as users use the payment rails most available to them and avoid unnecessary friction like KYC or complicated token purchasing and swaps.

Check out a demo in staging here: https://stg.marketplace.checkout.pokoapp.xyz/
Product documentation:

Why we built Pokoapp.xyz
We believe in giving web3 wallets, marketplaces, and DApps bank-like superpowers by connecting them with local payment rails so that assets can move between tradfi payment rails to crypto rails seamlessly. We believe we are helping builders build the banks of the future - and better ones!

Our Ask

Know a wallet, marketplace or DApp needing onramps? Put us in touch or better yet, send them our demo so that they can see for themselves how much their users can save using our Onramp Aggregator!

Contact us
Reach out via TG (https://t.me/geoffreysee), email (geoffrey@pokoapp.xyz) or schedule something here: https://www.pokoapp.xyz/onramp-aggregator

Hear from the founders

How did your company get started? (i.e., How did the founders meet? How did you come up with the idea? How did you decide to be a founder?)

Geoffrey See was CSO and founding team member of a $2.4B coin-cap protocol in 2018-2019. He led technical implementation for Singapore’s central bank’s experiment with cross-border payment settlement on blockchain rails and was a taskforce member on Cross-Border Digital Payments and the Digital Currency Governance Consortium at the World Economic Forum. Van Tran headed growth and strategy for Netflix in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Taiwan with $1B+ in annual revenue. Daniel Le was a banking and payments engineer at a YC unicorn before becoming CTO of a Play to Earn game, scaling it to 2M gamers and a 100+ team within 1 year. They met in Vietnam through their common interest in cross-border payment problem in the gaming and entertainment sector and have worked together for over 2 years.

What's the history of your company from getting started until the present day? What were the big inflection points?

We went through a pivot post-YC demo day from building DAO tooling to focusing on frictionless payments for web3. We saw that this was a pain point as more web3 products and services tried to reach a wider audience. We also had to navigate significant industry turmoil (Terra, FTX, Silvergate, Signature, Celsius…etc.) and were glad that we were able to do so with no direct impact on us or our finances.

What is the core problem you are solving? Why is this a big problem? What made you decide to work on it?

Enabling cross-border payments that is cheap, fast and efficient on blockchain rails is a multi-trillion dollar industry with high take rates. We believe crypto wallets will be the financial infrastructure of the future - especially for a global community.

What is your long-term vision? If you truly succeed, what will be different about the world?

The internet of money will be the financial infrastructure Gen Z and beyond grow up with. It will be democratic, accessible and deeply integrated into core internet infrastructure.