Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere

Interactive meetings and presentations

Poll Everywhere turns any presentation into a two-way conversation - directly in your PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slide deck. Participants respond to questions live using mobile phones and the results appear instantly in beautiful, animated displays. Poll Everywhere engages everyone at conferences, town halls, training sessions, marketing events, and everyday meetings. Learn more about how organizations like HP, Volvo, KPMG, and over 75% of the Fortune 500 use Poll Everywhere to get results.

Poll Everywhere
Team Size:70
Location:San Francisco

Former Founders

Jeff Vyduna

Plotting a different course (unfunded after YC) with Poll Everywhere. Poll Everywhere turns presenting into a two-way experience.

Sean Eby

Co-Founder of Poll Everywhere, S08. Currently an investor in a handful of scale startups, have had a couple of exits. As well, I am a product development executive leader and currently lead and grow the engineering and product teams at ServiceCore, a private equity-backed liquid waste and roll-off vertical ERP software provider.

Brad Gessler

More at https://bradgessler.com/