Pragmatic Leaders (Ankai Inc)

Pragmatic Leaders (Ankai Inc)

Better, faster and cost-effective alternative to MBA - free till hired

Pragmatic Leaders runs online training programs in product management for mid-career professionals in India. We are a better, faster, and cost-effective alternative to getting an MBA in specialized tech business roles like product, growth, and marketing

Pragmatic Leaders (Ankai Inc)
Team Size:10
Location:Gurugram, India

Active Founders

Talvinder Singh

Educator | 3x Founder | ex-500 startups (batch 6) | ex-product head@OYO Rooms | ex-CPO@Freecultr. Love product, love building, and love nurturing

Meera Khokhani

Meera was part of the core team in operationalizing international skill centres and overseas workforce mobility under Prime Minister Modi's “Skill India Mission”, monitoring and evaluating the impact of projects with the state govt. and under CSR with large corporates