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Helping startups get the most out of their equity

Pulley is the cap table and equity management platform that helps founders and employees make smarter decisions about their equity. For early stage companies, Pulley helps founders get started on hiring and fundraising, avoid expensive equity mistakes, and save thousands on legal fees. With Pulley, you can compare different funding scenarios, raise capital, and set up equity grants for employees. Our tools help companies answer important questions such as: 1. How much of the company will I own after my next round? 2. How will pro-rata rights impact my ownership in future rounds? 3. How do I explain the value of equity to candidates? Equity is a company's single most important asset. Pulley gives companies insights into their equity, so they can make smarter decisions around hiring and fundraising, while proactively staying ahead of tax filings and accounting. If you are looking for a way to manage your cap table, try Pulley at https://pulley.com/.

Jobs at Pulley

San Francisco, CA / Canada / New York, NY / Remote
3+ years
San Francisco, CA / New York, NY / Canada / Remote
1+ years
Palo Alto / Remote
$80k - $90k
1+ years
San Francisco Bay Area / Remote
1+ years
San Francisco Bay Area or Remote
3+ years

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Pulley - Cap table management for founders & employees

Pulley provides the tools and insights to make smarter decisions about your equity
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Active Founders

Yin Wu

Yin Wu is a serial entrepreneur who sold her last previous company to Microsoft in 2015. She was one of the youngest principal engineers at Microsoft and built products that applied machine learning to mobile products. Prior to Microsoft, Yin studied computer science at Stanford. She dropped out in 2011 to join Y Combinator for her first startup and is a three time Y Combinator alumnus (S11, S13, W20).