The fastest open source time series database

QuestDB is an open-source time-series database for high throughput ingestion and fast SQL queries with operational simplicity. QuestDB powers the infrastructure for companies in Financial Services, Space Exploration, Energy, Manufacturing, e-commerce and Web3.

Jobs at QuestDB

london / Remote (US)
$100K - $180K
6+ years
Remote (US)
$100K - $120K
6+ years
Team Size:25
Location:London, United Kingdom

Active Founders

Nicolas Hourcard

Co-founder/CEO at QuestDB.

Nicolas Hourcard
Nicolas Hourcard

Vlad Ilyushchenko

2019 - Co-Founder, CTO, QuestDB 1997 - 2019 Software Engineer, Electronic Trading

Vlad Ilyushchenko
Vlad Ilyushchenko

Former Founders

Tancrede Collard

Co-founder and head of product at QuestDB. Before that, I was running algorithmic trading desks at banks and cryptocurrency firms.

Tancrede Collard
Tancrede Collard

Company Launches


QuestDB Cloud, a fully hosted time-series database, is now Generally Available. We offer $200 free credits for new signups.

Try the QuestDB Live Demo with billions of rows that you can query with SQL.

The Problem

Existing time-series databases such as InfluxDB lack performance (especially for high cardinality datasets) and are hard to use (proprietary languages like Flux).

Do you use Postgres, MySQL or MongoDB and outgrow the database for time-series and analytics? Databases not purposely built for time-series data can struggle with ingestion and query performance.

The Solution

How does it work?

QuestDB has been built from scratch for time-series data workloads. The data is natively indexed by timestamp and partitioned by time. Queries can be done via SQL, and there are several time-series SQL extensions for time interval searches, downsampling, latest record etc.

QuestDB ingestion speed can reach up to 4M rows/sec per instance, and queries over a billion-row dataset can be executed in milliseconds. This performance translates in:

-       Lower hardware requirements + cost savings.

-       Capability to handle high throughput ingest from multiple sources

-       Reactive applications and real-time dashboards

QuestDB Cloud brings new features such as:

-       Security: TLS, Auth, SSO

-       Data Compression: 3x - 5x lower storage costs

-       RBAC: Create roles and permissions at a column level (imminent release)

-       High Availability (Coming soon!)

-       Cold Storage integration (Coming soon!)

Our ingestion protocol is the InfluxDB Line Protocol: easy switch from InfluxDB.

It also supports the Postgres Wire Protocol and is compatible with Grafana, Superset, Telegraf, Kafka, Flink, Spark, Cube, MindsDB.

Use cases and customers

QuestDB is a good fit for the following use cases:

•          Financial Tick data (crypto, fintech)

•          Sensor data, IoT (energy, batteries, space exploration, shipping)

•          Application monitoring (API calls, database latency, user events)

•          Cybersecurity (network traffic monitoring)

•          E-commerce analytics

Large companies using QuestDB include OKx, Airbus, NetApp, Central Group, Yahoo, FalconX, Airtel Digital, Copenhagen Atomics, Cloudera, Norlys Energy Trading, Brightcom, Origin Media, Weidmann Group, CVTE, Hazelcast, Schibsted Media

Startups using QuestDB include Motion (YC), Invezo (YC), Beacons (YC), Syndica, Prediko, Electric Era, Aargo Trade, Artisthub, Northshore, Haruko