Make diesel semi trucks hybrid-electric

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SixWheel is an electric vehicle company that allows fleet owners to convert their trucks to 90% electric hybrids with a process as simple, easy, and low commitment as hooking up to a trailer. Unlike other electric vehicles, charging and maintenance are also included at a price lower than current fuel and vehicle costs.

The company is founded by Ian Rust, the founding engineer at Cruise Automation (acquired by GM) and former MIT, Google X, and Amazon Lab126 robotics researcher. It has built a team from Tesla and Cruise. SixWheel is backed by Root Ventures, Y Combinator, Pieter Abbeel, and the founders and early employees of Segment, Newfront Insurance, and Stripe. Dave Lyons (Tesla), Gene Berdichevsky (Tesla, Sila Nano), and Don Calloway (Anheuser Busch) are on the advisory team.

Team Size:4
Location:San Mateo, CA
Ian Rust
Ian Rust