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Ruth Health

Telehealth hub for pregnant people 🧡

Ruth Health treats the 83% of post-pregnancy womxn who pee in their pants. We deliver 30-minute Postpartum Recovery + Training Sessions via telehealth, so moms around the globe with pelvic floor prolapse can get back to work, sex, and normal life—5x faster. Using conversational AI + biometric readings, Ruth Health will accumulate the largest, most diverse database in America on longitudinal maternal health

Ruth Health
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Location:New York

Active Founders

Alison Greenberg

Powered by empathy + health-tech. Runner. Greek. Women's health equity activist. Gay!

Alison Greenberg
Alison Greenberg
Ruth Health

Company Launches

Ready by Ruth Health 6-week video series helps POSTPARTUM folks recover faster 🫄🏽🤰🏻🫃🏾

Hi YC! We’re Alison + Audrey, co-founders of Ruth Health 🧡 a global virtual clinic for pregnant and postpartum folks. Ruth Health delivers 30-minute telehealth sessions and unlimited text message access to help new moms and parents navigate physical and emotional challenges.

Our latest + greatest: Ready by Ruth Health. A collection of bite-sized, on-demand video series designed to help you feel ready at every stage of pregnancy and beyond.

The first release is Connecting to Your Postpartum Body, a self-guided 6-week series for total body rehabilitation after birth, starting as soon as you like. \

Next up: Breastfeeding 101.

Any pregnant folks or new moms you love, send 'em to Ruth Health!

YC friends/family may pay the reduced price of $10.99. Or choose a higher price to support us more! 5% of all proceeds will be donated to Every Mother Counts

PAYMENT: We accept cash pay + HSA/FSA internationally. We’ll eventually accept Medicaid and insurance in the US, but not yet.

The Problem

Postpartum folks often don’t know where to start. It can feel strange and painful in your new body. Too many postpartum workout and wellness programs rush you, or put your body at risk—and many are not evidence-based.

How do you begin to regain strength, support the pelvic floor, and heal your core—without ever having to leave home or go to a clinic?

Who is Ready by Ruth Health for?

We simplify the process with 6 weeks of initial content and more to come. Watch each snackable video at home, in bed, at work, or on the go.

We are for any working mom looking to get back to work, life, and sex (YES, SEX! 🧡) sooner. We’ve launched GLOBALLY and still offer virtual 1:1 care separately.

We help:

  • Postpartum moms
  • Total body recovery, with focus on pelvic floor + core
  • Ages 20-55
  • For anyone starting from 1 day + lasting through several years postpartum, depending on how you feel during movement (stop immediately if painful)
  • 🏥 Folks who suffered with difficult or traumatic births
  • 🩺 Proactive moms looking to get back to normal life faster
  • 🏃🏿‍♀️Fitness lovers + those excited to feel stronger after baby
  • 🏢 Anyone who hates dealing with insurance; just pay $10.99 with credit or HSA/FSA

How does Ready by Ruth Health work?

Evidence-based breathwork, strengthening, and mobility exercises for total body, with a focus on the core, pelvic floor, and vagina. Follow the video series for 6 weeks to feel an improvement in strength, stability, body awareness, and pain.

Ready by Ruth Health is:

  • Easily digestible content that fits into a busy mom's or mom-to-be's life. Videos are anywhere from 3-10 minutes.
  • A safe space to explore Ruth Health's philosophy of care until you feel ready to progress to a 1:1 treatment plan.
  • Prenatal and postpartum care at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Movement, education, and exercise combined to help birthing people feel ready.


  1. Buy your Ready by Ruth Health videos for our reduced price of $10.99
  2. Watch + follow along when convenient
  3. Feel better

Haylie Rudy— mom of 2 in Austin, TX / 9mos postpartum said of Ruth Health Pelvic Floor Training: "I wasn't alone, I had expert help with my pain + incontinence. It took away the fear, so I could reclaim my power.”

Why are we building Ruth Health?

Maternal healthcare in America—and many places worldwide—is a mess. NYC has the highest maternal mortality rate of any major city in the developed world. Moms, parents, and even their non-birthing partners need us. Nobody should have to suffer alone, in silence, or without affordable, attainable help. Incontinence after birth may be normal, but it’s not “okay.” We’ve had ENOUGH.

We’re the women building women’s healthcare for us, by us.

Women deserve better ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼 we make care better for every body.

How can I help?

1. Refer friends, family, partners, wives, any new mom in your life

2. Reach out with any feedback, or great techno music :]

Big YC love,

Alison + Audrey

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