Scout (formerly Uh-Oh Labs)

Scout (formerly Uh-Oh Labs)

The smart testing platform that unlocks digital health at home.

Digital health holds a lot of potential but is ignoring a growing problem: diagnostic testing. Without this data, providers and organizations will be limited in the services they can provide patients at home. Scout has developed a platform - Hub, test kits, and app - that delivers health testing at home with 10x lower development cost and 3x lower per-test price. Our patented tech also meets performance requirements for medical diagnoses and integrates with the current healthcare tech stack. Scout’s technology is poised to disrupt the outdated $33Bn diagnostic market by democratizing testing while dramatically improving the patient experience. Scout has received $16M in non-dilutive funding from the NIH and other organizations to fully de-risk our platform, and our pipeline includes a diverse test menu for primary care (e.g. respiratory and sexual health), wellness (e.g. gut health), and chronic conditions (e.g. certain cancers). We have already received FDA authorization for our platform in clinical settings and are planning to launch our flagship Scout Hub in Q1 2024.

Scout (formerly Uh-Oh Labs)
Team Size:12
Location:Santa Clara, CA
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Cameron Ball

Cam is an accomplished biomedical engineer and entrepreneur. Before starting Uh-Oh Labs, Cameron worked at Sandia National Laboratories. Cameron is an expert in molecular diagnostics, microfluidics, materials science, and drug delivery. With 12 years of experience as a biomedical engineer, he brings a command of cross-functional engineering skills and fundamental science knowledge to bear on complex problems in biological systems.

Alex Jiao

Bioengineering PhD trained in stem cell biology & tissue engineering (cardiac & skeletal muscle) and now in molecular diagnostics. Worked in biopharma therapy development (small molecule, biologics, gene therapy). Started and Silene Biotech and now working at Scout (formerly Uh-Oh Labs) as President and Chief Business Officer.

Joshua Torrey

Josh has over 10 years in various startup environments in addition to getting his MD and MPH from Tufts University School of Medicine. As an Emergency Medicine physician Josh combines his startup experiences with his strong expertise in both clinical medicine and public health to help democratize access to healthcare as Uh-Oh Labs' Chief Medical Officer.