Foundation Models for Graphic Designs

We build foundation models for graphic design. For example, SMBs use them to generate social media graphics 10x faster than hiring designers.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Diana Hu

Active Founders

Jean Kaddour

Previously: ML PhD @ UCL

Jean Kaddour
Jean Kaddour

Srijan Patel

Co-Founder @ Sevn Previously: ML @ Meta, JioSaavn

Srijan Patel
Srijan Patel

Company Launches

❌ Problem: There are not enough graphic designers in the world today

Businesses need graphic designs across a lot of critical use cases. For example, to create

  • Ads to promote themselves
  • Beautiful landing pages
  • User-friendly UIs
  • Presentations to their clients

However, many businesses cannot afford to hire a designer.

✅ Solution: An AI that can design

1. Generate designs step-by-step

2. Let our copilot agent perform complex edits for you

Professionals use Sevn to create designs for their work needs. They talk to Sevn as they would talk to a designer to iterate over designs until satisfied – Sevn remains tireless.

Sevn supports

  1. On-brand visuals
  2. Fully editable designs with layers
  3. Complex edits with the Copilot interface

Made with ❤️ by Jean and Srijan

We have spent the last decade working in AI. Jean’s PhD is on LLMs, and Srijan has worked on large-scale ML at Meta and JioSaavn.

Both of us have had to spend hundreds of hours creating designs for our research and work projects. We realized we know a great design when we see one but don’t know how to create one.

When we tried to use an LLM to automate designs for ourselves, we quickly learned that this problem is really hard. Even the best LLMs today are terrible at designing stuff.

Spurred by this discovery, we took it upon ourselves to solve this problem and make the world a better-designed place.

The Ask

If you want to try our product, please join our waitlist here to get early access to Sevn.