We believe you can beat cancer without poisoning your body.

Our technology, based on click chemistry, enables the activation of small molecule drugs at the local tissue-level, improving both their efficacy and safety. The method is independent of endogenous cellular or environmental markers and allows the activation of drugs at a specific location for multiple weeks after the initial injection of the biomaterial at the desired site.

Jose M. Mejia Oneto, CEO

José Mejía Oneto is a physician scientist with training in Orthopedics at UC Davis and Organic Chemistry at Emory. During his clinical training, Jose recognized the need for better drug delivery technology. With this in mind he applied and was accepted in the YC program in 2015. Here he created Tambo and in 2018 its spinoff Shasqi, focussing on local oncology drug activation. Shasqi has raised a total of $10 million in funding and is starting their phase 1 clinical trial in Q3 of 2020.

Jose M. Mejia Oneto