1:1 ADHD coaching, 5-10X More affordable than alternatives

Shimmer provides ADHD coaching to people with ADHD or executive function challenges. Shimmer was born from a group of ADHD coaches, psychiatrists, doctors, and engineers to create a personalized, action-oriented playground for you and your coach to explore. We're not another list, calendar, or app: we're real human interactions paired with expert strategies, so that you can make real changes in your life. Come check us out! Our ADHD coaches partner with you to co-design a plan to achieve your goals. You'll experiment with strategies on a weekly basis to implement a routine fit specifically for you. Our program has been designed off science-backed methods in partnership with NYU, UC Berkeley, and UCSF.

Team Size:6
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Christal Wang

Co-Founder/CEO @ Shimmer | Forbes 30 Under 30 | Ex: Consultant @ Bain, International Launch + Growth @ Drop

Christal Wang
Christal Wang

Vikram Sreedhar

Stanford Alumni c/o 2018 Co-Founder/CTO @ Shimmer Co-Founder @ M.A.D. Together, 501(c)(3)

Vikram Sreedhar
Vikram Sreedhar

Company Launches

tl;dr: After serving 1,200+ clients since mobile launch 9 mo. ago, Shimmer Members can finally access their Coaching Journey across devices. Now members access our sleek ADHD-adapted flows to manage their ADHD and reach their full potential.


We’re Chris & Vikram, and we’re building Shimmer. Our mission is for every individual with ADHD to reach their full potential, their way. Shimmer ADHD Coaching was born last year after I (Chris) was diagnosed with ADHD and was frustrated with the lack of affordable, quality behavioral coaching solutions. Since then, we’ve grown tremendously, building the #1 ADHD Coaching Platform recommended by HCPs, therapists, and psychiatrists across North America.

❌ The Challenge

After working closely with 1,200+ adults with ADHD, 25+ expert ADHD coaches, and top ADHD experts, we watched first-hand the challenges ADHD-ers have in reaching their best life:

  1. 🔭 Direction: Not setting behavioral goals or having a “vision” future state in mind
  2. 🪓 Action: Not making actions (consistently) that are actually in line with their goals
  3. 🤿 Depth: Picking up and dropping productivity apps that don’t help them get to their core issue.

✨ The Solution

The Shimmer Web App (in conjunction with the mobile app) is the guiding tissue between our members and their full potential. Facilitated by their expert ADHD coach, members:

  1. Set vision and assess starting state with our Shimmer Mastery Assessment

  2. Set goals right with the goal setting wizard

  3. Complete actions, reflect, and celebrate

  4. Get coach support and stay accountable through shared task lists

  5. Continue learning

🙏 Asks

  • Try Shimmer (or share w/ a friend), start with an ADHD coach here and give us feedback! 30% off your first month

Curious to learn more? Read our full blog post and our Product Hunt launch

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✨ Shimmer: 1:1 ADHD Coaching | 5-10X more affordable than alternatives

Meet Shimmer, your new trusted partner in your ADHD journey
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