Sinovia Technologies

Sinovia Technologies

Flexible printed OLED displays.

We use the printing methods used for newspapers, packaging, posters, and other graphic media to make beautiful, emissive electronic displays with high-end OLED technology aimed at low-cost applications. Our displays are paper-thin, flexible, and can be easily custom printed in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing hardware designers to use displays and indicators on curved surfaces and in new ways.

Sinovia Technologies
Team Size:7
Location:San Carlos, CA
George Burkhard
George Burkhard
Whitney Gaynor
Whitney Gaynor
President & CEO

Company Launches

Hi All! We are Whitney and George, and at Sinovia Technologies we make OLED displays for smart products using roll-to-roll printing.

🚧 The problem: smart products need to communicate data to their users, but there hasn’t been innovation in low cost displays in 50 years.

IoT products are built around the data that they collect, the functions they perform, and the data that they communicate back to their users. They are constrained by space, power, and cost, and these factors determine whether a product can include an indicator or display for user communication. The primary indicator options right now are based on LED and LCD technologies, which are bulky, power-hungry, and can only convey limited types of information.

The solution: printed OLED

OLED is the highest-quality display tech on the market, but until now it has been relegated to high-end phones and TVs because of cost. Sinovia's proprietary materials allow us to make printed OLEDs using the same old-school tools used to make labels, packaging, and newspapers. We make really nice displays very quickly and very cheaply. They are perfect for products that have space and power constraints, as they are as thin as a human hair, consume less power, and are flexible. And because we are using the same printing tech used to print newspapers, we can easily customize the display to fit the product in the same way new newspapers are printed every day. We envision a world in which any product can have effective visual communication on any surface.

We have been working on this for a long time – we started back in 2009 during our PhD programs at Stanford. We are now in the demo and customer collaboration stage, moving toward mass production next year.

Our Asks

Are you building hardware?

We’d love to talk with you about how we might be able to collaborate!

Know anybody else building hardware? Are you friends with product designers or contract manufacturers?

We love intros to makers and builders!

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