Cloud warehousing & supply chain platform in MENA

Sirdab is a tech-ops focused startup offering cloud warehousing and transportation / logistics solutions. We have built an end-to-end logistics platform that allows businesses to acquire dry, ambient, chilled and frozen warehousing space within 48 hours as well as manage, optimize and distribute inventory via a single platform.

Jobs at Sirdab

Riyadh, Riyadh Province, SA / Remote
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SA / Remote
3+ years
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Location:Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell
Naif Alzahri
Naif Alzahri
Abdulrahman Alnamlah
Abdulrahman Alnamlah

Company Launches

👋 Hi everyone, we are Naif & Abdulrahman from Sirdab.

TL;DR: Sirdab makes it easy for businesses to acquire dry, ambient, chilled and frozen warehousing space and hire fleets to move inventory through a single dashboard. Today, we manage over 50 warehouses, totaling 400k square meters of space, in 8 cities in Saudi Arabia.

❌ Problem – Storing and moving inventory in MENA is challenging

1. Difficulty in finding suitable solutions: The conventional approach for businesses is to rent, equip, and operate their own warehouses. The available options are often difficult to discover online and frequently surpass the actual space needs for the business, resulting in underutilized facilities. On the other hand, businesses seeking third-party logistics (3PL) services face a similar challenge in locating a reliable and trustworthy partner.

2. Lack of short-term options: Regardless of whether a business opts to rent its own warehouse or utilize a third-party logistics provider, it will likely be bound by long-term agreements with limited flexibility.

3. Inefficient inventory management: As businesses grow, managing inventory across multiple locations becomes increasingly complex and inefficient. Unfortunately, many businesses still resort to using spreadsheet-based methods to manage inventory, lacking a clear record of their inbound and outbound transactions.

4. Challenges in inventory distribution: For both wholesale and store distribution in Saudi, businesses often face the dilemma of either committing to lengthy contracts or operating their own fleets with subpar utilization efficiency.

✨ Solution – Hassle-free cloud warehousing & transportation through one platform 🚛

1. Variety of warehousing space options: Quickly find and secure dry, ambient, chilled and frozen warehousing space across 8 cities in MENA within 48 hours, for any space you need, starting with 10 square meters.

2. Flexible short-term contracts: Whether you need the space for a month or a year, we got you covered. Our contracts include options for month-to-month, 6-month, and 12-month durations.

3. Streamlined inventory management: Have a 360-degree view on your inventory list, track all historical movements, analyze consumption and get notified on shortages.

4. Wide-ranging transportation offerings: Access a range of FTL, LTL freight offerings as well as parcel and last-mile carriers for store distribution.

💵 Bottom line impact based on traction:

Warehousing cost for merchants: Based on 80+ active clients, Sirdab customers see an average reduction in warehousing costs by 27%.

Transportation for merchants: Aside from enhancing delivery times & quality, Sirdab customers have experienced an average decrease in their bulk and last-mile transportation expenses by 12%.

Warehousing operations for partners: Along with boosting income and maximizing use of space, our partners are able to streamline their operations, monitor the time needed for order preparation, and have automated billing processes.

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