Marketplace where Indian SMBs can book verified blue collar workforce

SpadeWorks is a marketplace where businesses can book trained and certified blue collar professionals for their maintenance / back end jobs. For instance, Restaurant owners instead of coordinating with multiple partners, and spending hours in follow up can now seamlessly book and track pest control experts, HVAC professionals, Hob cleaners, runners with just a click of a button. On one hand it brings in transparency, convenience and assurance for businesses and on the other hand it provides reliability of work, financial guarantee and dignity of labour for the professionals.

Team Size:13
Location:Hyderabad, India
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Vamsee Koneru

2X Edtech Entrepreneur Bootstrapped, built and exited $4 Mn YoY company Deep understanding of B2B Edtech space Exceptional connects in Edtech space Experience of working in India, MENA, UK

Vamsee Koneru
Vamsee Koneru

Company Launches

Hi All,

I’m excited to share Spadeworks with you all. We’re simplifying the chaos of businesses and asset maintenance in India! SpadeWorks provides hassle-free, one stop maintenance solutions for SMBs in India.

For example, restaurant owners can schedule pest control, chimney cleaning, RO maintenance, HVAC maintenance services with just a click of a button instead of coordinating with multiple vendors, which can be time-consuming and lead to increased costs. Our platform uses technology to create standard operating procedures/protocols and accountability mechanisms that ensure transparency, quality, and increased ROI for our customers.

💥 The Problem: Multiple follow-ups with multiple vendors to get things done sucks!

The small and mid-size enterprise maintenance market in India is $40 Bn. Despite its size, it’s highly unorganized and unprofessional.

Common problems faced by the businesses owners

  1. Coordinate with multiple vendors to maintain the property / business
  2. No standard operating procedures for maintenance tasks
  3. No-shows or wrong time commitments
  4. No asset management and tracking
  5. No cost transparency

The experience for owners/managers dealing with technicians has always been anxiety-inducing.

💪 Our Solution : Get well trained professionals for different trades at one place

SpadeWorks is the one stop maintenance solution for small and mid business in India.

Our platform uses technology to create standard operating procedures/protocols and accountability mechanisms that ensure transparency and quality for these technicians. Through a system of continuous training, in-app rewards and penalties, our platform builds strong accountability mechanisms to ensure that providers always show up on-time, behave empathetically and have the right technical knowledge to help customers.

Our customers

  1. can track and maintain their assets using a mobile application.
  2. view and subscribe to various plans or request for on demand jobs.
  3. create, track and pay work orders

Want to learn more Connect with us at founders@spadeworks.co