Compliant Crypto and Banking Infrastructure

Striga is building infrastructure for digital assets and financial services as a single set of APIs doing the heavy lifting of security and regulatory compliance. Striga's customers include early stage FinTech's, Web3 innovators, Banking Institutions and Crypto Exchanges utilizing services spanning the range of Crypto Custody, Trading, Card Issuing and Banking. Building a crypto business today is a highly regulated space unlike a few years ago and maintaining a compliance program and building technology presents a huge barrier to entry for startups and mid-size businesses alike and the Striga platform solves the problem with a single set of APIs and a single contract to deliver services to 30 countries today.

Jobs at Striga

Tallinn, Harju County, EE / Remote (Tallinn, Harju County, EE; Tartu, Tartu County, EE; Bengaluru, KA, IN; LV; Vilnius, Vilnius County, LT)
€24K - €60K EUR
3+ years
Team Size:8
Location:Tallinn, Estonia
Group Partner:Dalton Caldwell

Active Founders

Prashanth Balasubramanian, CTO

Passionate early Bitcoin-er and developer. Left ETH Zurich mid-way through my MSc to build Lastbit/Striga. Working with bitcoin and playing a European tour with a German band, evidently illustrated the horrors of only legally having access to an Indian bank account but attempting to use multiple currencies on a daily basis, whilst bitcoin was promised to solve this problem. Striga solves this and enables businesses to solve this. In my "free" time - semi-pro drummer & full time metalhead

Prashanth Balasubramanian
Prashanth Balasubramanian

Company Launches

Striga offers powerful (and compliant!) APIs to issue and manage a crypto card program, enabling builders to embed compliant real-time spending workflows for authorizing card transactions against a crypto balance.

Why Striga?

In today’s climate, setting up a simple custody or exchange business, let alone a card program either costs several millions + years of your time in jumping through regulatory hoops and approvals, or is simply denied by financial institutions.

Striga is the first company licensed under a regime very similar to the proposed MiCA legislation, taking care of all the heavy lifting under the hood (banking connectors, liquidity, custodian connectors, issuing, processing, compliance, monitoring, reporting) and exposing simple yet powerful APIs to manage crypto, card issuing and banking in Europe.


Who we are

Prashanth founded Striga in 2018 to build a better payments network utilizing Bitcoin, having experienced first hand the pains of gaining access to banking as an immigrant in Europe for moving funds across borders. As he got the company got off the ground with it’s initial consumer facing Bitcoin Lightning powered neo-bank in Europe (Lastbit) and shipping the world’s first ever non-custodial instant payments device, building Striga was inevitable, with growing friction between financial institutions and crypto first companies.

Today, Striga powers the core infrastructure for numerous European crypto companies which would have otherwise simply not existed with the barrier to entry being raised year over year.

Through the recession of 2022 and the downfall of large names in crypto, Striga’s small but mighty team successfully weathered the storm, secured a VASP license, built banking relationships, issuing relationships and mainly the core platform that is public today.

The deal

Embed card issuing into your product using Striga and your first 500 physical cards are on us, free of charge!

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