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TANGObuilder automates structural engineers jobs.

Today the building design process is cumbersome and expensive. Architects submit their design to structural engineers for validation. Engineers need to design all structural elements such as walls, columns, and beams to ensure the structure will not collapse and complies with regulations. The structural engineer needs four to six weeks to generate the initial solution. The engineer will submit his proposal to the architect and then engage in an extensive back and forth discussion until they agree on a satisfying solution. TANGObuilder generates the building structural design in real-time, cutting six weeks of the overall process, and reducing material usage by 30%.

Jobs at TANGObuilder

Latin America / Remote
3+ years
CA / Remote
11+ years
Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Juan Aleman

I have over 18 years of experience working as a structural and earthquake engineer. I hold a Ph.D. from the University at Buffalo. I specialize in the seismic analysis, assessment, and design of a wide range of projects, including hospitals, stadiums, embassies, and nuclear power plants. Before founding Tango Builder I worked six years as senior consultant for Arup, Los Angeles. I am currently responsible for writing a new section on modeling masonry structures for the US ASCE 41 Standard.

Juan Aleman
Juan Aleman

Martin Diz, CEO

I hold a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Buffalo University, where I worked on embedded systems for drones and participated in satellite control projects for NASA. As Co-founder & CTO at Bluesmart (YC-15). I grew and led the team of engineers that delivered the first smart luggage.