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Unsaddl enables employers to offer education benefits including student loan contributions, student loan refinance, 529 plan contributions, and tuition reimbursement

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Location:New York

Active Founders

Steve Troy

Steve Troy is CEO and Co-Founder of Unsaddl, Inc. He was previously a Financial Analyst at Education Loan Finance (“ELFI”) where he launched student loan products with over $1B in originations He received an AB in Economics with a certificate in Finance from Princeton University.

Steve Troy
Steve Troy

Chris Hsu

Chris Hsu is CTO and Co-Founder of Unsaddl, Inc. He was previously a Senior Software Engineer at Squarespace, building out the platforms powering customer communications, customer protection, and interactive media across millions of Squarespace sites. He received a BSE in Computer Science from Princeton University.

Chris Hsu
Chris Hsu

Company Launches

Tl;dr: Unsaddl enables employers to offer a full-service 401(k) with 0% AUM fee and student loan matching!

Hey everyone! We’re Steve and Chris from Unsaddl.

What is Unsaddl?

Unsaddl enables employers to offer a suite of education benefits (student loan contributions, student loan refinance, and tuition reimbursement). We’re excited to share our latest offering, a full-service 401(k) with 0% AUM fees and student loan matching!

Interested in trying our 401(k)? Sign up here for early access and 6 months free!

Why Unsaddl 401(k)?

  • 0% AUM fee: We’re proud to offer 0% AUM fee plans so that your employees can maximize the amount that they keep for their own retirement
  • Student loan matching: Unsaddl is the only recordkeeper that has 401(k) matching for student loan payments
  • Automated compliance: We will automate non-discrimination testing and government filings
  • Payroll integrations: We have payroll integrations with Gusto, Workday, ADP, and many more to sync your employee roster and automate your 401(k) deductions
  • Funds with low expenses: We offer low cost mutual funds across different asset classes
  • Complimentary access to education benefits: You will receive complimentary access to our suite of education benefits for 6 months.

Why now?

  • Secure Act 2.0: With the passage of Secure Act 2.0, employers are allowed to make a 401(k) match based off employee’s student loan payments
  • State mandated retirement plans: Many states already have or are in the process of making retirement plans mandatory, even for startups and SMBs
  • Recruitment and retention: A good retirement plan is essential for recruiting and retaining top talent in today’s market