Mobile-first software for maintenance teams.

Mobile-First CMMS/Enterprise Asset Management System UpKeep is asset and maintenance management — done the right way. We take a mobile-first approach to the traditional desktop-based enterprise software. We keep technicians out in the field working on the most pressing issues — saving precious time and money. Tracking the costs of assets over their lifetime is now easier than ever. We keep businesses more efficient and streamline their workflow by eliminating paper work orders. We currently have over 2,000,000 registered users from small businesses to large enterprises. We offer low-cost solutions with transparent pricing to a common problem that many companies face. Our vision is to provide the best mobile solution for asset and work order management in a space that is dominated by traditional enterprise software companies. We've raised a total of $50 million from Y Combinator, Battery Ventures, Bain Capital, Emergence Capital, and Insight Partners. -Assign work orders -Create and save tasks -UPC Label scanning -Create assets and assign work orders to assets -Preview for analytical graphs We are a Y Combinator-backed company (YC W17)

Team Size:150
Location:Los Angeles, CA

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Ryan Chan, CEO

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Ryan Chan
Ryan Chan

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Mobile First Maintenance Management

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