Find and reach leads with buying intent in Europe

Venta finds leads with buying intent in Europe by tracking website visitors, online searches, news and other signals. You can qualify leads by asking our AI assistant questions and create hyper-personalized outreach in five languages based on their intent signals.

Team Size:5
Location:Munich, Germany
Group Partner:Nicolas Dessaigne

Active Founders

Lucas Spreiter

Lucas is the co-founder of order.link. While studying engineering and IT at the Technical University of Munich he built electric race cars, industrial automation systems and a Hyperloop pod that won the SpaceX Hyperloop competition in 2017. After graduating he founded a company that developed AI systems for manufacturers and discovered the problem he is now solving with order.link.

Lucas Spreiter
Lucas Spreiter

Stefan Reuther

Stefan is the co-founder of order.link. He taught himself programming during high school and started his first job as a software engineer at Linde at the age of 18. Later, while studying AI at the University of Amsterdam, he founded Unetiq, an AI enterprise software consultancy. After several manufacturers contacted him with a similar problem, he decided to start his second business, order.link.

Stefan Reuther
Stefan Reuther

Company Launches

TLDR: Order.link helps manufacturers respond faster to incoming emails by automatically generating quotes, orders, and email replies. By extracting data and synchronizing it with ERP and CRM systems, order.link processes emails 10 times faster and with 80% fewer errors.

➡️ Get order.link to tackle your sales emails!

Hi everyone, we are Lucas and Stefan and we want to make work meaningful for everyone by enabling our users to spend more time interacting with customers face-to-face.

📧 The problem: A flood of emails distracts sales teams from face-to-face customer interactions

Manufacturers generate two-thirds of their revenue from inbound email, meaning they often receive more than 100,000 emails per month. This creates a significant workload for inside sales staff and frustrates their customers with long response times.

Imagine spending your entire week answering emails and copy-pasting order information into another system. This is what sales employees spend at least 30% of their time doing.

As a result, sales teams have less time for face-to-face customer interactions and revenue-generating activities.

🤖 The Solution - Order.link takes care of data entry and email replies

Order.link is an AI-driven solution that streamlines several key tasks, including:

  • Faster Communication: Order.link automatically responds to appropriate emails, such as price and delivery time requests.
  • Automated quote & order generation: Order.link integrates with existing CRM & ERP systems and automatically generates quotes and orders, reducing manual data entry.
  • Product Matching: It effectively identifies buyer requirements and assigns matching products

Order.link has the power of chatbots, but differs in two key ways:

  1. Integration with communication channels: By integrating with email and MS Teams, order.link does not require any customer-facing communication changes.
  2. Open system integration: Order.link works with what you have and integrates with existing CRM and ERP systems. This enables automated verification of incoming requests and quick access to relevant information such as pricing and delivery schedules.


We started our first business 5 years ago - an AI enterprise application agency - with the goal of eventually building a SaaS product.

During this time, we iterated over 7 product ideas and used the experience we gained to launch order.link after seeing a clear demand for a solution to the problem of manual email processing.

👋 Asks - How you can help

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*quick blurb to copy&paste:

Order.link helps manufacturers respond faster to incoming emails by automatically generating quotes, orders, and email replies. Get in touch with them at founders@order.link.


Lucas & Stefan

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