An API to bundle trackable climate donations with any transaction.

Jobs at Verdn

London, UK
$95k - $150k
0.50% - 1.00%
3+ years

Why you should join Verdn

Our mission is to Ctrl+Z global ecosystem collapse. Everything we do is driven by that goal.

At Verdn, every task you do will directly or indirectly enable more positive impact in the world. We’ve already planted 750,000 trees, and recovered 200,000 kg of ocean-bound plastic, but that’s barely scratching the surface of where we’re going in the months and years ahead.

We’re a small team, which means you’ll have an outsized influence on product, culture, and company trajectory. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about business functions beyond your role, engage directly with customers and NGOs, and much more.

Verdn is funded by YC, Fin Capital, Collaborative, Correlation, Notion, Gaingels, Climate Capital, and angels like Peter Livingston (Unpopular VC).

Team Size:3
Location:London, United Kingdom
Rory McMeekin
Rory McMeekin
Christopher Mjelde
Christopher Mjelde