AI Scribe for veterinarians that produces clinical notes in seconds

VetRec automates the process of taking clinical notes for veterinarians in a matter of seconds. Veterinarians should just review clinical notes, not spend time creating them. A visit with a pet is precious and 100% of the focus should be spent on the pet, not on notes. VetRec is the veterinarian's best friend.

Team Size:2
Location:Seattle, WA
Group Partner:Aaron Epstein

Active Founders

David de Matheu

David started his career working in gaming, communications and developer experience at Microsoft. He is passionate in building solutions that help democratize technology, especially within the developer community.

David de Matheu
David de Matheu

Kevin Cohen

Originally from Venezuela, Kevin is a Software Engineer who spent 5+years at Microsoft building Data and AI platforms. Kevin left Microsoft to go work at Circle - the creators of USDC - building a service for ingesting and labeling blockchain data. Now, he is focused on building Neum AI, the best way to synchronize data sources with vector stores for companies building Generative AI applications. On his free time, you will find him cooking and hosting people over, his passion after programming.

Kevin Cohen
Kevin Cohen

Company Launches


VetRec is helping veterinarians automate the process of note-taking in a matter of seconds by generating SOAP-style notes with AI immediately after each visit. No need to use any awkward dictation software or manually input notes anymore!

VetRec notes follow any desired template. Whether it’s generic SOAP notes for general practice, notes tailored for emergency doctors, specialists, equine, and more. Templates are completely customizable to tailor the clinic or veterinarian’s notes style.

The Problem 😓

Veterinarians are swamped with notes. Normally two things happen:

  1. The Veterinarian spends the consultation looking at a screen to input notes and making sure they are correct while attending a pet in the room, making the pet and owner anxious.
  2. They try to memorize the notes from the consultation and spend countless hours after the day writing them out. This leads to burnout, getting home late, and sometimes forgetting details (which is expected given the amount of work vets do daily!)

The Solution 🐶🐱

Enter VetRec

VetRec helps the veterinarian focus on the pet and not on the notes. By recording a consult, VetRec’s AI technology listens and processes an entire consult (no matter how long!) and after the visit, generates SOAP notes (in whatever format the Vet likes) in less than a minute!

In addition, VetRec helps both the veterinarian and practice managers generate discharge notes, summaries, and insight into what went on during the visit:

  • What medications were administered?
  • What sort of consent was granted by the owner?
  • What are the most common cases and differential diagnoses provided?

When using VetRec, veterinarians can finish their work at work, and focus exclusively on the pet during consultations.

The vet’s best friend has arrived ;)

About us 🇻🇪🇨🇷🤖

Kevin and David, come from Venezuela and Costa Rica respectively and have a deep passion for technology. You will find both of them building prototypes to automate tennis court reservation systems or pursuing their passion for cooking. Both of them spent 6+ years in Microsoft building large-scale Data & AI platforms.

Having veterinarian family members and friends, they often heard the struggle of keeping up with the demands of visits and finishing notes on time after each day. After building AI tools for developers for the past 5 months with their previous idea, they decided to switch and apply the learnings to build a product that would solve this problem.

After launching just two months ago, 100+ veterinarians are using VetRec and saving hundreds of hours on note-taking processes.


If you know any veterinary professionals, tell them about VetRec. We help save hours in their day, so they will thank you for the referral.

If you are a veterinary professional, get started today. VetRec is free to try for two weeks, head on to https://app.vetrec.io/register to sign up or email hello@vetrec.io for information.