Wand Solar

Wand Solar

We enable landlords to generate income from solar panels.

Wand Solar enables Solar Revenue for Income Properties owners. By empowering landlords to sell solar energy directly to tenants, we make it a no-brainer for landlords to adopt solar energy.

Wand Solar
Team Size:2
Location:Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Idan Shahar

I always operate at the forefront of technology, curious about Kubernetes, App Innovations, Cloud Native, and OSS technologies. I enjoy partnering with developers and C-level executives to realize the value of Cloud Native through, public speaking, communities, and hackathons. I've been a backend developer most of my life, and in the last few years, I helped companies build and modernize Cloud Native applications.

Idan Shahar
Idan Shahar
Wand Solar

Itai Peri

I'm super passionate about entrepreneurship, and have been in this area for the past 6 years. I come from a background of Software Engineering and Machine Learning, and love to solve complex problems using these two disciplines. In the past I've been CTO of a B2C startup, and as a Data Scientist in another startup led a project for identifying diseases in trees using advanced Computer Vision algorithms. Nowadays I'm working to help companies better manage their delivery pipelines.

Itai Peri
Itai Peri
Wand Solar

Company Launches

Hey Fam! 👋

I am @Idan Shahar and together with @Itai Peri we founded Allero.


We scanned public repositories of FreeCodeCamp, Medium, Supabase, Posthog, and many more. Guess what we found out?!

Allero is an open source (https://github.com/allero-io/allero) CLI policy enforcement tool that protects your production CI/CD pipeline. CI/CD pipelines tend to be messy, and there are so many variations of pipeline manifests spread across different repositories. This makes it difficult to ensure security, code quality, and compliance standards are in place in every pipeline.

By running Allero, you can easily reveal and prevent problematic pipelines across multiple organizations and repositories.🏁

👩🏽‍💻Who is it for

You are a DevOps engineer or a platform engineer responsible for CI/CD pipelines in your company. You have at least a few dozen pipelines, and they are complex as hell! You obviously spend so much time managing and maintaining them, which is a total nightmare. Why? because you need to ensure that the code they deliver is bug-free, not vulnerable, scalable, and ready for production.

We already found many problematic pipelines in open-source projects, and we are 100% sure there are many of them out there!

  • Medium - When using npm in CI, in order to avoid surprises in dependencies’ versions, you should always use npm ci instead of npm install
  • Supabase - When using npm ci / npm install without --ignore-scripts - you risk running unknown scripts injected by your dependencies - which may be malicious.

Are you sure you don’t have them as well? Go ahead and see for yourself with our CLI!

Wanna help us out?

Would love for you to run our tool, and to hear your thoughts! If you’re missing any rules, please reach out to us at founders@allero.io or just create a new issue in our repo!

If you found this helpful, would love you to share it with your friends. Also, a GitHub Star goes a long way in helping our journey. 🌟

Other Company Launches

Allero - Prevent Non-compliant Code from Reaching Production

With Allero, only high quality and secure code makes it to production.
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