Two-way sync data between key business tools like HubSpot & Airtable

Whalesync makes data syncing easy. Our automation platform syncs data between key business tools like HubSpot and Airtable. We give developers and ops teams two-way, real-time sync, so they can build production-ready workflows. Whalesync launched during Y Combinator’s S21 cohort. Since then we’ve raised from some of the world’s top investors. We’re now trusted by hundreds of companies like [Ramp](https://ramp.com/), [Webflow](https://webflow.com/), and [Alchemy](https://www.alchemy.com/), and process millions of transactions every day. Many of our customers enjoy the product so much they [tell all their friends](https://whalesync.com/preach).

Jobs at Whalesync

US / Remote (US)
$100K - $170K
0.25% - 1.00%
1+ years
Team Size:5
Location:Miami, FL
Group Partner:Aaron Epstein

Active Founders

Curtis Fonger

My passion is data automation, making sharing data among a business' SaaS apps a breeze. I live in St. Petersburg, FL.

Curtis Fonger
Curtis Fonger

Matthew Busel

Co-founder — Whalesync Prev: PM - MakeSpace Product - NextRev Founder - Referralboard

Matthew Busel
Matthew Busel

Company Launches

tl;dr We make it easy to 2-way sync data across tools like Airtable, Webflow, Notion, Postgres, & Bubble. This unlocks powerful use cases like programmatic SEO, no-code apps, ABM pages, and internal tools. You can check out our free trial here!

Hey everyone! We’re Ryder, Matthew, Curtis, Manish, Veneta, and Sean aka the team behind Whalesync.

The problem: connecting tools is hard

Connecting apps like Airtable & Webflow enables amazing use cases, but is actually really hard to do without code!

We started Whalesync because we repeatedly saw people spending weeks architecting multi-step automations only to find them brittle and unreliable.

While we love automation tools, they’re really not built to handle true data syncing where you connect deeply and bi-directionally.

The solution: simple, no-code data sync

Whalesync is the no-code tool built to handle data syncing. In a few minutes, you can hook up your apps and have them 2-way syncing in real-time.

Use cases: pSEO, internal tools, + much more

Whalesync works by connecting different tools, so there are a TON of different things you can do. A few of the more popular use cases:

  • 🔎 Launch thousands of programmatic SEO pages (Airtable x Webflow)
  • ⚒️ Build an internal tool on top of your production database (Postgres x Notion)
  • 💻 Create a scalable no-code app (Bubble x Airtable)
  • 🧑 Personalize hundreds of tier-1 ABM landing pages (Airtable x Webflow)
  • 📝 Manage your blog (Notion x Webflow)

How it works

  1. Pick the tools you want to sync
  2. Tell Whalesync how the data maps
  3. Turn on sync, we do the rest ✅

🙏 Asks

  • Try it out and let us know what you think! Support is great, but feedback is even better as it helps us decide what to build next.
  • Also, let us know if you have any requests for new connectors! We’ll be building a bunch more this year.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to my personal email 😄 matthew@whalesync.com