Open-source platform to turn scripts into internal apps & workflows

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Why you should join Windmill

Windmill is an open-source developer platform and runtime to turn scripts into workflows & internal tools. It is the sweet-spot between Retool and Temporal, and an open-source alternative to Superblocks, Airplane and Pipedream.

Scripts in Python or Typescripts have their parameters analyzed and turned automatically into standalone apps and no-code modules. In flows, scripts can be sequenced into powerful workflows. It is similar to no-code tools except that each module is a script underneath and scripts can be shared on the WindmillHub for everyone to reuse in their flows. Windmill is an all-in-one queue/worker runtime, script editor, flow builder, secret management platform, OAuth platform credentials in a platform fit for enterprise with groups, granular permission and audit logs.

In addition the platform provides automatic generation of the UI by reading the scripts' parameters, cron scheduling, separation of credentials and logic, versioning, importing scripts from Github and more.

There are two modes of triggering for flows and scripts:

  • With a cron schedule (parametrizable from the platform)
  • Being triggered by a webhook (specific to each script/flow)
  • From the automatically generated UI
  • Through a dashboard/admin panel made through our UI builder

The main insight is that available no-code tools today are intuitive for non-technical users but lacks the extensibility that code provide. On the other hand, writing code is only 10% of the work. You then have to deal with credentials, separatig sensitive values, deploy your script through CI/CD, handle permissions, build a UI, handle errors and so on.

Windmill is easy to deploy, works out of the box and replaces all of an org's infra.

Team Size:6
Location:Paris, France
Ruben Fiszel
Ruben Fiszel