Life's better without allergies

Wyndly (https://www.wyndly.com) fixes allergies by training patients' bodies to ignore their allergy triggers. Frustrated allergy suffers come to us when they no longer want to deal with pills and sprays. We diagnose the patient’s unique allergy profile and create a personalized treatment plan to give the patient lifelong allergy relief. Specifically, Wyndly is increasing access to sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) for allergy care. For our patients, we're combining the convenience of telehealth and direct-to-consumer care with an exceptional patient experience that never loses the context of care. Wyndly represents an opportunity to change allergy care forever. With 60 million Americans suffering from allergies today, and with this number doubling over the coming years, there's simply an incredible need for the convenient care Wyndly provides. You can read more about us in [Techcrunch](https://techcrunch.com/2021/02/12/wyndly-aims-to-bring-allergy-drops-to-the-masses/). The Wyndly Model At Wyndly, we believe that better connections lead to better care, and we’re committed to making both happen at every step of the patient journey. Our allergy practice allows our patients to work with expert providers to develop personalized treatment plans for long-term allergy relief using clinically proven therapies. From a patient’s initial consultation to their final treatment delivery, we want the Wyndly experience to be a breath of fresh air for allergy sufferers – truly effective allergy relief, simply and efficiently delivered. Once we've conquered allergies, we're transforming the care model for every chronic condition. While transactional care for purchasing pills has flourished in telehealth, no one has gone after chronic care. Patients with chronic conditions are shuffled between providers, insurance, and more -- and they never feel heard. These patients deserve better, and we're going to give it to them. Wyndly is starting with allergies, but we'll expand into asthma, sleep apnea, and other conditions in the near future. Our values **Compassion**: We approach all our patients and partners with an open mind and a genuine desire to be of service. **Focus**: We do a few things very well, and are always clear about our boundaries and direction of travel. **Courage**: We embrace ambiguity and discomfort because we know that’s how we grow. **Progress**: We make something better every single day. *It boils down to empathy and forward momentum in everything we do.* The team Wyndly is proudly backed by Y Combinator and a leading group of angel investors and VCs. The founders are Dr. Manan Shah (Chief Medical Officer), an ear-nose-and-throat surgeon who’s a leading practitioner of telehealth in his specialty, and his cousin Aakash Shah (CEO), who led growth engineering at SparkGift (acquired by Stockpile in 2016) and Parse.ly (acquired by Automattic in 2021).

Team Size:8
Location:New York
Group Partner:Jared Friedman

Active Founders

Aakash Shah

Personal site: https://www.aakash.io/

Aakash Shah
Aakash Shah

Manan Shah

Founder at Wyndly Health

Manan Shah
Manan Shah

Company Launches

Hello 👋,

We're Aakash and Manan, and we're thrilled to showcase Wyndly!

The way we treat allergies today, with Zyrtec and Claritin, is medieval medicine. It doesn't solve the underlying problem; it just tries to cover it up.

Allergy immunotherapy is the future. Most people don't realize that allergies are now a curable disease. In the future, taking Claritin for allergies is going to seem like taking Tylenol for an ear infection. Why would you treat the symptoms when you could just cure the disease?

Our home allergy therapy builds up your immune tolerance against your allergies. This fixes the root cause of your symptoms, lets you forget about the pills, and provides lifelong relief. This clinically-proven treatment is now available via telemedicine.

  • Do you have a pet allergy but want a puppy 🐕?
  • Do you buy Kleenex in bulk?
  • Are you sick of your child’s never-ending cold?
  • Are you tired of allergy shots?

Let Wyndly change your life forever. Our doctors are able to see, test, and treat patients for their allergies across the nation.

Start with our 5 minute at-home allergy test, or use insurance to see a doctor (in CO, CA, FL only, right now).

Why allergies are a big deal

40 million allergy sufferers in the US treat their allergies like a chronic condition — they take multiple medications to manage their symptoms. Imagine medicine cabinets full of Zyrtec, Claritin, Singular, Flonase, and more — all taken regularly. Most sufferers don't realize they can free themselves from these medications and allergies.

Manan Shah, is a board-certified ENT and allergist who has fixed thousands of patients of their allergies. During the COVID-19 crisis, we started Wyndly because Manan realized patients loved curing their allergies entirely from home.

How Wyndly fixes allergies

Wyndly uses home allergy immunotherapy to build up your immune system naturally so you can throw away the pills and live allergy-free.

We made the immunotherapy process as convenient as possible for our patients. Here's what it looks like:

  • Our nationally-certified allergy test is taken at home. It only requires a single finger-prick — not dozens of needles like an in-office allergy test.
  • Using these test results, we mix you personalized allergy drops which are taken by mouth. We send them straight to your door.
  • You have unlimited access to our medical care team. Our free online visits can be done on video, phone, or secure chat. We're with you from your initial consult to the day that you're allergy-free.

What are allergy drops?

Allergy drops, also known as oral allergy immunotherapy, are a scientifically proven way to reduce allergic reactions which cause your sneezing, stuffiness, and constant runny nose. Similar to allergy shots, allergy drops work by introducing escalating doses of your personal allergy triggers to your body. This personalized treatment allows you to safely and naturally build up a tolerance. Over time, this reduces your allergy symptoms for the rest of your life.

Your allergy symptoms will start to reduce within 6 weeks, and over the course of your therapy you'll develop life-long tolerance to your allergens.