Zitara Technologies, Inc.

Zitara Technologies, Inc.

Predictive battery management software for electrified fleets

Batteries have a big role to play in tackling the climate crisis, and it’s essential to make sure that they’re safe and reliable to operate. At Zitara, we build cutting-edge software solutions that empower companies to deeply understand their batteries, both in design and deployment. It’s all part of our work to enable a renewable energy revolution, powered by safer batteries, at a lower cost, with less waste.

Jobs at Zitara Technologies, Inc.

San Francisco, CA, US
$130K - $160K
6+ years
San Francisco, CA / Remote (US)
$120K - $160K
3+ years
San Francisco, CA, US
$140K - $180K
6+ years
San Francisco, CA, US
$81K - $160K
1+ years
San Francisco / Remote
$170K - $220K
6+ years
Zitara Technologies, Inc.
Team Size:33
Location:San Francisco

Active Founders

Shyam Srinivasan

Shyam started his career in consumer electronics. But after nearly a decade helping to architect, design, and manufacture 10+ products for companies like Apple, Nest, and Google, he began to think about the environmental impact of building devices that embody a great deal of energy in countries with loose emissions standards, and inevitably end up in landfills. He and Evan founded Zitara with the mission of accelerating the electrification of transportation and grid-scale energy storage.

Evan Murphy

CTO and co-founder, Zitara Technologies. Generalist software engineer with 10+ years experience, focusing on data infrastructure. Previously: - Tower Research - infrastructure for HFT - Tesla - Simulation for Autopilot - Stemcentrx (acq by Abbvie) - lab informatics for cancer research Also co-founded a toy company, E&M Labs: 3 Kickstarter projects, ~10 kilotrebuchets, 2 laser cutters, 4 years of retail sales.