Check out the new YC Library

by Greg Kumparak8/18/2023

Today we’re excited to show you the reimagined YC Library — a new hub for the best videos, talks, essays, and more that Y Combinator creates for startup founders.

It’s an easy way to keep up with our growing lineup of new video series — from the founder-favorite Dalton & Michael to the recently launched Founder FAQ — while also helping you explore a wealth of content we’ve made over the years. Want all of the knowledge-packed Startup School videos we released last year? They're in there.

We first launched the Library in 2020, and it has proven to be a tremendous resource since; much of the stuff in there has been viewed hundreds of thousands or millions of times. For fans of the Library’s previous look, worry not: it lives on as the Library’s search feature.

The new Library will always be growing — as we release new content, as we expand its archives of prior releases, and as we continue to build out its functionality. As Catheryn Li wrote when she first opened up the Library:

We strive to make entrepreneurship more accessible, and hope that by sharing our knowledge publicly, we can support the founder community more broadly.

One thing the new Library does quite well is help us bundle together content on topics that founders ask us about most — like raising money, finding the right co-founder, or just coming up with new ideas — whether said content is video, text, audio, or a mix of all of the above.

Got an idea for something we should add to the library? Reach out to and let me know.


  • Greg Kumparak

    Greg oversees editorial content at Y Combinator. He was previously an editor at TechCrunch for nearly 15 years.