Founder of Reddit (YC S05) and the Internet's Own Cheerleader

by Y Combinator11/24/2013

reddit founder Alexis Ohanian featured in the New York Times:

Alexis Ohanian bounded through the offices of Maker’s Row, a start-up in Brooklyn that pairs small businesses with manufacturers. At 6-foot-5, dressed in a gingham shirt and jeans, Mr. Ohanian was, in more ways than one, the big man on campus.

Trailed by a four-man camera crew from the Verge, an online tech channel, Mr. Ohanian hovered over a cubicle and interrogated an employee, Rafael Gonzaque.

“Do you have friends who are not in the start-up game who love their jobs as much as you do?” he asked.

“No,” Mr. Gonzaque said, before adding, “Maybe fashion.”

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