Hacker News Highlights: April & May 2017

by Y Combinator5/29/2017

Here are our favorite Hacker News comments from April and May.

The author of Sorting Two Metric Tons of Lego discusses his project in the comments.

HN Highlights May 2017 1

Larry McVoy reflects on Bitkeeper, Git, and not taking investment.

HN Highlights May 2017 2

A “double Bantu” replies to the article How the Bantu people surged across two-thirds of Africa.

HN Highlights May 2017 3

Alan Kay joins in on the HN discussion of his startup school lecture.

HN Highlights May 2017 4

A “former student of Lee Sedol and once aspiring professional Go player” answers questions from the community about the Ke Jie vs. AlphaGo match.

HN Highlights May 2017 5

An explanation of how Samsung could have done a better job of making their new Iris recognition system more secure, from someone who claims to have done so as an undergrad.

HN Highlights May 2017 6


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